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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I did some digging a bit but a can't seem to find some info on the "Tweel" by Michelin. I'm curious on their performance and traction on steeper grades. I have a customer who has a 32° pitch in the front yard. Super fun to mow and my Z2 handles with ease. I'm just thinking in the future when...
  2. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hey all, First post, so I am looking forward to the experienced responses as I am new to the game. Have a 2016 JD 930M EFI. Looking to add another next year, and I was wondering about the TWEEL. Not much out there on them and we have had a full season to share how they performed. Can anyone...
  3. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I don't run a business, but my property is about 8 acres. I don't mow everything though. Started out in 2003 with big dreams, buying such a personal property, ready to tackle it with my brand new 48" Craftsman GT5000. Yeah! :laugh: For the next 3 years, I spent almost all my free time cutting...
1-3 of 3 Results