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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    As the title says, I’m getting ready to demo a scag v ride. Obviously, getting my hands on it will answer a lot of my questions, but I want an idea of what I’m getting myself into before I take it home for a day. so I live in WV. For those not familiar, it ain’t flat. I’ve attached pics of a...
  2. Marketplace
    No longer needed. All in good condition and run/cut great. All 3 have a Powerchute OCDC, 37HP Briggs Vanguard EFI, and 61" deck. Located in Northeast Missouri. No Trades. 2021 Turf Tiger 2 85hrs $12,500 2021 V-Ride 2 170 hrs $9,750 2021 V-Ride 2 125 hrs $9,750...
  3. Marketplace
    2019 Turf Tiger 2 with 61" deck and 37 hp Briggs Vanguard EFI. 375 hrs. $10,300 2020 V-ride 2 with 61" deck and 37 hp Briggs Vanguard EFI. 215 hrs. $8,700 Both for $18,750. Both have Powerchute OCDC.
  4. Introduce Yourself
    First time posting, long time reader. A few years ago, I started to mow a few lawns just to get out of the house and stay active. I got big... FAST. Within a few months, I landed a contract to take care of the largest mall property in Pittsburgh. With that, I got several other contracts to do...
  5. Marketplace
    eXmark Vantage stand-on (stander) mower, 23 HP Kawasaki FS691V key start with only 403 hours, just serviced, new tires, new NGK spark plugs, new air filter and pre-filter, new blades, fresh oil change at 400 hours, Interstate battery, 52 inch deck, ready for your lawn or commercial action. Best...
1-5 of 5 Results