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  1. Power Washing
    Watch this short video of me - Chuck Bergman Pressure Cleaning and Soft-Wash Roof Cleaning - gently cleaning this shingled roof. I normally would travel the roof in a different manner, but I wanted the video to show as much as possible, without being overly long. Thank for watching! 941-474-8883
  2. Power Washing
    33981,33947,33946,33953,33987,33993,33948,34224,34223,33952,33954,34293,34287,34288,34286,34291,34275,34292,33985 Zips covers our work area. Licensed and insured in Charlotte and Sarasota County since 1989. I am a "CERTIFIED" Roof Cleaner and Instructor at the Roof Cleaning Institute Of...
1-2 of 2 Results