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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I just wrapped up a demo with a 52” scag v ride 2 with the 23.5 hp kawi and figured I’d do a little review on it, especially regarding hills, as there just isn’t a lot out there on it. I feel some background info goes a long ways on stuff like this, so with that in mind… I live in West...
  2. Mechanic and Repair
    I have a 2012 scag v ride 52 inch with a 730 kawasaki engine and hydro gear pumps. Pump number: PG 1HQQ DA1X XXXX. While going up hill the right wheel starts to give out and will not go. When i have the break on and I press the left control it can spin the wheel over despite the break on the...
  3. Marketplace
    2019 Turf Tiger 2 with 61" deck and 37 hp Briggs Vanguard EFI. 375 hrs. $10,300 2020 V-ride 2 with 61" deck and 37 hp Briggs Vanguard EFI. 215 hrs. $8,700 Both for $18,750. Both have Powerchute OCDC.
  4. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I have been interested in getting a stander and the two closest dealers are Scag and Wright. I was able to demo a Scag 60" V Ride 2 29 kohler efi and a Wright 72" ZK quad wheel 37 briggs efi. I would have gotten a 61" zk but the dealer only had a 52 and 72 to demo. Before I start I would like...
  5. Marketplace
    New 36 inch Gravely Pro Stance with 3.6 hours. 5 year, 1000 hour warranty comes with. Kawasaki FS600V 18.5 HP motor. Great running machine. $6300. No sales tax! Located in Glenwood, Iowa
  6. Marketplace
    Up for sale is basically a brand new 52" Wright Stander Intensity. This machine has less than 5 hours on it, no issues at all. This machine still has a 3 year warranty on the 22 hp Kawasaki engine and a full 2 year chassis warranty. This machine will cost you upwards of $8300 if purchased new...
  7. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Looking at a few different stand on models, I'm 6'4", what is going to be most comfortable or is height not much of an issue? Looking at a 2015 Exmark Vantage, 2017 Scag V-ride, or a Bad Boy stand on. Any ones to stay away from for tall people?
  8. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    So I'm pretty set on adding two V-Rides to my fleet for next season...36" and 48". However I'm torn on going with the brand new VII, or sticking with the VI and potentially getting a discount with the older models getting blown out to make room for the new lineup. Does anyone really know the...
  9. Business Operations
    Hi im new too this sight and was wondering if it would be worth it for me to purchase a vride. I currently have a Turf tiger 2 52 inch and a toro time cutter 42 in and a honda hrx 217. I have 6 yards that i have too use my time cutter and honda on and was wondering if it would be worth it to get...
  10. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    has anyone changed the belt that drives the wheels on a 61 v ride. From what I can see I have to take the clutch off. Does that require a puller? If I need to do so. Please help.
  11. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Im considering purchasing a scag Vride. I have never used one before but I have heard/read good things about them, and the cost seems to be good. In my area, the lawns are an average of 3/4 acre but some are around 1-1.5 acre. I was wondering if these machines are geared more toward small...
  12. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Looking to get some feedback and hopefully decide which mower to pick up. I am not interested in a rider simply because We will not be mowing anything over an acre (rare around these parts unless a large complex). My company has mainly focused on landscape & irrigation design and installation...
  13. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Found a 52" 2014 vride with 140 hrs looks brand new three sets of marbaine blades leaf catcher and grass extension for $5000. Dude bought it new only person ever operated it planned on starting business but couldn't keep up with yards do to his full time job. Good deal or not?
  14. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I just demoed one of these over last two days and put about twelve hours on it. I'm getting more yards than I can handle by myself and found a really good helper who does a great job for me so I am looking for a secondary mower possibly next year.The mower had the 25 efi kohler on it. Pros -Very...
  15. Marketplace
    Wanted: 48" mower Scag, Exmark and Wright brands only. I ideally would like a scag v-ride or other stander mower. May consider WB if priced right.
  16. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I have a choice to make for my first big purchase as a young business owner. There is a used 2014 36" Scag V-ride with about 200 hours on it, 19 HP, electric start, and the OCDC already on it. Price is $5500. Problem is, it's about 3 hours say from me, and my scag dealer around me doesn't do...
  17. Mechanic and Repair
    For the last couple weeks my v-ride was having a hard time turning over and when it would finally turn over (after about a minute or two of trying) it would run kind of rough and spew out a lot of white smoke. Oil and oil filter have been changed, fuel filter changed and new fuel put in, air...
  18. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Does anyone roughly know scag's fleet prices. Im looking at getting either a v-ride or the swzt in the 36" size. My dealer is having a a "fleet price" for everyone weekend and I was wondering if roughly i could find out those prices before i head there in a month for it. Any help would be nice.
  19. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I am going to be purchasing either a scag v-ride or one of the wright standers. I was curious if anyone has demo'd the two and what their preference was in the end and why.
1-19 of 26 Results