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  1. Employment
    I am in the process of negotiating a salary for a local Lawn business that is doing very well and looking to grow. I’ve never had to negotiate a salary before and if anyone had any tips that I haven’t thought of let me know. At this point I am mainly looking at ways to cut expenses whether...
  2. Business Operations
    What is your guy's average price per cut for residential and small commercial (dentists, bank branches, churches, etc.) accounts? About how much do you pay your full time/part time employees. Right now I'm just a small business in high school, I'm doing some research for an Entrepreneurship class.
  3. Business Operations
    As far as paying by the hour, do you include the time your workers are riding with you to and from the job sites?
  4. Business Operations
    ALL contractors roofing landscaping concrete etc... I am not a lawyer I do not provide legal advice only the short cut for you to have a direction to look for the proper information. Hi Everyone as you may of heard the IRS is coming down hard on companies that rely on paying a salary or day...
1-4 of 4 Results