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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hey, guys. I just bought a used ExMark Metro 36 from my boss for, get this, $125 running and mowing. Kawasaki FS481V 16.0 HP, belt-driven, unknown hours. Just need to grease up a couple of places, change the belts and filters and keep an eye on the oil. (Leaks 'bout a half quart or so every few...
  2. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    So, we own about 20 acres of land of which 5 or more needs to be kept clear each year. At least 1 acre of this is down by a creek and in somewhat marshy conditions which allows for quick growth and lots of random weeds and plants to take root. While I don't have to keep this acre totally clean...
  3. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Just got into the business this late summer after taking over for the person I worked for. I took over a business in which was mostly based on using 21" mowers . I'm growing the business and with that taking on bigger lawns and the 21" inch honda comm. aren't enough . What should I be...
  4. Lawn Mowing
    I've been mowing a half-acre of grass (my own lawn) for several years now. First, I used a high quality 21-inch mower (too much work/time). More recently, I used a Toro Timemaster (took it back because it hydrolocked and started leaking gas 60 days after purchase). Now, I'm wondering what my...
  5. Lawn Mowing
    Hello everyone, I am getting ready to pull the trigger on purchasing a new Toro 30638 48inch walk behind with Kawasaki 16HP Mower (See Link below) My new Toro Walk-Behind This new mower is a new 2010 Fixed-Deck Gear drive. I am purchasing it because of good experience with my previous Toro...
  6. Lawn Mowing
    What am I looking at paying for a 42-48 inch commercial walk-behind? Trying to decide between buying a walk-behind, or another commercial 21. Can i find anything for 2-3k? zero experience with wb's. Thanks
  7. Lawn Mowing
    My Lesco 48" Belt Driven Walk-Behind Mower won't pull itself up a slight slope or uneven surface even on the highest speed. I have to push it to get it to roll then the mower starts pulling. What could cause it to do this? Thanks,
  8. Lawn Mowing
    my friend needs help deciding on a new, top of line floating deck walk-behind. he would love a mulching kit and a bagger. Which mower should he go with and It needs to be 36'' if that is possible
  9. Lawn Mowing
    I am in need of a 36'' walk-behind mower. I have a few accounts of decent size and a decent sized yard myself. I don't want to spend a huge amount of money and I know this question has been asked before but does anyone have any suggestions?
1-9 of 9 Results