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  1. Marketplace
    2021 model, less than 500 hours, 22hp kawasaki fx 691, chute blocker, seat for sulky, mulching and high lift blades, weedeater rack, solid casters. Well maintained. Not right for my yards I'm in Lutz fl
    $4,800 USD
  2. Mechanic and Repair
    My 61 inch snapper pro sw35 is just under 1000 hours. It's always been a good machine. This problem just started. While I'm going uphill and standing on the proslide. It will slow down and stop moving for a second then start moving again. The motor doesn't bog at all. On flat and downhill...
  3. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I didn’t see many posts reviewing the Proslide, at least not recently, so thought I’d throw one together to maybe help someone make a decision. first off I feel like you need a little background as a lot of factors I feel like impact how well the Proslide works. I’m located in West Virginia. We...
  4. Marketplace
    Vintage/Antique Kubota W5019 Push lawn mower Working condition Blade clutch Bag As-is Prefer local pickup
    $225 USD
  5. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Just wanted to show you guys this over powered monster. Switched out the old 19 kai with a briggs 28efi. The whole process took about a day to do all together. The shaft sizes on my replacement engine and the 19kai were different so a new hydro pulley and a new clutch had to be ordered. (Clutch...
  6. Marketplace
    I have a 36 inch exmark metro with a mulcher attachment for sale. Located in Cincinnati Ohio. Selling this mower now because I upgraded and it’s a back up. Runs and cuts good through both tall grass and wet conditions. Great mower just need it gone now. Asking $1,750
  7. Marketplace
    Mowers is a 2018. I purchased in 2019 from a business that rarely used it. I’ve only used it on my lawn for the past 2 seasons. Comes with mulch kit, and 1yr old Proslide XT & weight kit. Unit doesn’t have hours meter. I suspect unit has ~100hrs. Price is $3900. I’m located in Greer, SC.
  8. Marketplace
    Exmark Turf Tracer X-Series Walk Behind, 60" Cut Kawasaki FX691V 22hp, ONLY 965 HOURS Comes with Mulch Kit. Recently Serviced, Runs and Cuts great. $2500 OBO LOCATED IN PORT CHARLOTTE, FL
  9. Marketplace
    Selling my 2017 Exmark 36” Turf Tracer. In very good condition with 258 hours on it. Unit has the front weight kit, mulching kit that includes the baffle and chute blocker(although not currently installed), and Sulky that will fold up. Used a back up mower and house mower. Located in Northeast...
  10. Landscape Maintenance
    I have about 1/2 acre of property and have always used a Husqvarna 560BTS to pick up the leaves. I was thinking of picking up a walk behind blower this year for fall/spring cleanup. Thoughts? Or would i be better just getting a higher cfm/air speed backpack?
  11. Marketplace
    Located in newark delaware. Looking to buy a 61 deck for a scag swz. Willing to drive pretty far to pick it up. Deck doesnt have to be whole. Pretty much as long as you have the shell ill buy it
  12. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Just wondering if anyone owns one of these yet? How are you liking it? How’s the cut quality? Controls? I’m looking into a new hydro walk behind and have just stumbled across this. I’ve never owned a hydro wb only belt drive. It’s between this, the exmark tt, scag swz, or a Wright hc. I’m going...
  13. Lawn Mowing
    I wanted your guys opinion on this. I have a Ferris walkbehind with a mulching deck, and mulching blades. Most of my customers don’t fertilize, and water their grass daily. So when I cut them, it mulches nicely, it’s dry, no clumps, boom. I took on a few more customers that water their grass...
  14. Lawn Mowing
    Hi Im Luke, I'm 15 and I run a small lawn care business with about 15 accounts. They're all about .5 acre give or take. I've been mowing with a 2005 Snapper 26" walk behind. I'm ready to upgrade and I found a Scag 36" walk behind for sale for $1700 with a sulky with the Kawasaki. I believe it's...
  15. Marketplace
    Extremely low hours (115 hours) - Excellent Condition Original cost $4,100 - selling for $2,500 OBO (Cash Only) Mower is located in Knoxville, TN Mower has always functioned perfectly - Never had any mechanical issues or warranty work Always professionally serviced at Exit 122 Outdoor Power...
  16. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I have several properties with ditches. Some are too steep for my Gravely 36 ProStance, some are too narrow at the bottom for the 36 to even be able to cut at all. Currently, I'm using a 21" Troy Built with a Honda engine. I've used it quite a bit for a year and a half, and now the Troy Bilt...
  17. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hi All, Just picked up a used exmark 32 inch (trivantage) walk-behind mower. I looked all over and do not see a model number or S/N. It runs first pull and I just cut my backyard and its cuts pretty good. I'm new to walkbehinds so I would like to read the manual and know what to start...
  18. Mechanic and Repair
    Hello, My name is Pete and I have a 2015 TX427 Dingo that recently is having issues. It will stall (turn off) often but not all ways. My crew was using it on site and reported issues. I tested it with the stump grinder attachment and I couldn't reproduce the issue. It went out again, worked...
  19. Mechanic and Repair
    I have a 48"bobcat ransomes xm4810 with the worm gear drive transmission (not the peerless) and I recently noticed after using it, the transmission feels hot to the touch. Like if you held your hand there you would get burned. I am using it with a sulky but I'm not that heavy (like 120 lbs) so...
1-19 of 118 Results