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  1. Mechanic and Repair
    Hello, my name is Chris. I am new to this site. I'm not the owner of a lawn service, but I do mow my lawn and two neighbor's. Usually I use a push mower, garden tractor and string trimmer. Last year I purchased a well used Ferris Hydrowalk sd36. The machine needed a little tlc to get running...
  2. Marketplace
    Exmark Turf Tracer X-Series Walk Behind, 60" Cut Kawasaki FX691V 22hp, ONLY 965 HOURS Comes with Mulch Kit. Recently Serviced, Runs and Cuts great. $2500 OBO LOCATED IN PORT CHARLOTTE, FL
  3. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Anyone have a silky mount for an older hydrowalk SD? I can make one easy enough but if someone has one that they don't need I'd like to have it. Pics below.
  4. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Not sure if this is listed in the right place, but i have a byers gold 48 inch belt drive walk behind that i recently overhauled and am curious what it might be worth to sell. Its mechanically sound and everything work . Fresh tires and tuned up ready to mow. Any insight would be much...
  5. Mechanic and Repair
    Hi Folks, I have an older 33" Cub Cadet walk behind. It was working great until it cut about 7 swaths on the yard and the transmission cut out. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts before I lift it up and start removing parts? When I engage the transmission lever the unit makes it's usual...
  6. Mechanic and Repair
    Hi, I recently got one of these old mowers very cheap. It needs belts and some of them are missing. Does anyone know what size belts or part numbers I need? It has three belts and I need all three: -Mower Spindle belt -engine to mower deck -engine to drive pulley I've searched and searched and...
  7. Marketplace
    100 hours on mower, excellent condition and serviced as recommended by manufacturer, mulching blades included. Contact: [email protected]
  8. Mechanic and Repair
    Hey guys so I've got the chance to purchase a John Deere GX1320 38" for $350. Now because I'm getting it really cheap I'm thinking of replacing a lot of the parts and maybe even the motor. I was thinking with a Kawa FS481V 14.5 HP...
  9. Marketplace
    I have a Gravely Prostance 52" for sale 2013 ? 227 hrs Kawasaki fx691v engine Has a chute blocker installed new belt installed 1 machine hour on new belt Hydrogear 3400 drive system 9 gallon fuel tank Great mower very good condition Use as stand on or walk behind $4,200 firm Located in nc...
  10. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    So I just purchased a brand new Ferris FW35 52" walk behind. I was somewhat surprised to see that Ferris does not list a sulky as an accessory. Any one have any suggestions on the type/name of sulky and a good place to order one from that will fit my machine? Also how about a bag? It's shocking...
  11. Industry Surveys & Polls
    Im thinking about buying another Ferris Hydrowalk to replace the old 52in Hydrowalk DD fixed deck i use to have. Has anyone tried or purchased the new models of the Hydrowalk with adjustable deck/fixed deck? Compared to the old hydrowalk is the build quality better, the same, or built cheaper...
  12. Marketplace
    I've got a 36" lesco comercial walk behind zero turn mower, fresh tune up, new deck belt, key switch and new rear drive tires. This is a very nice unit and is ready to mow. Asking 900 obo or may trade
  13. Marketplace
    I have for sale a like new Exmark Phazer. Its basically a ztr with a 36" walkbehind deck on it. The Phazer has a 34" deck which perfectly fits in any gate. Never walk the backyards again and have alittle fun whenever you have to mow a gated lawn. Mower only has 300 hrs on it and has full...
  14. Marketplace
    Need 17 18 or 19 hp RECOIL start engine Hit me with Price Pics and Location. Need as close to cincy as possible
  15. Heavy Equipment & Tractors
    I just purchase a Husqvarna wh5221. 52" Hydro with a 21hp Kawasaki motor. It only has 40 hours on it, and I paid $3500. I have worked with mainly Scag's and Exmark's in the past, and I like the feel of this mower so far. I can't find out a lot about them online. Does anyone have experience with...
  16. General Industry Discussions
    I bought a 36" Lesco Hydro WB that needs some work. One part in particular that I am missing is that pull start/recoil on the engine. It's a 15hp Kawasaki but I can't info on a model #, etc. Anyone know a part number for this? Thanks.
  17. Lawn Mowing
    Hi I'm looking to buy a used snapper pro express walk behind. that is about 5 years old but was only used a residential for a very small yard (4 passes and the yard was dine) what are your guys thoughts on the mower are there any problems that you have experienced. also do you think that it can...
  18. Lawn Mowing
    I went to bass pro the other day and Scag had a bunch of mowers on display. I talked with both Scag employees along with dealers themself. I was quite impressed in the entire line up that they have, not to mention the durability of the machines. It really seems like Scag does alot of testing...
  19. Marketplace
    would like to buy a 48" hydro walk behind dont really care about name just as long as it runs and the price is right
  20. Marketplace
    I'm looking for a 48" or maybe a 52" beltdrive walkbehind. It doesn't have to be pretty but I'd prefer it to be running and mowing grass. I live in eastern NC. The farther I have to drive, the less I'm willing to give for it. Post a pic on here of what you have or send me a private message...
1-20 of 22 Results