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  1. Lawn Mowing
    I bought this walker a couple years back and it's bugged me forever that it never had an tags on it for the model number or year I was hoping someone could help identify it. I managed to find what seams to be a serial number on the frame behind the gas tank. 8952484 The spot was a little rusty...
  2. Marketplace
    Selling my bed shaper edger for the walker mower. Used but in excellent condition. Stored inside. Always greased. Paint is in good shape with the exception of a few nicks, scratches and wear marks. Sold new for $3500....asking $1500 obo. Message me if interested or text me at 7172785525
  3. Marketplace
    I'm in search of a lightly used Walker GHS mower. MT23 or MT25i. I'd prefer a 42" deck but any deck size is fine. Less than 500hrs. Let me know what you got. I'm located in Central Alabama. Like pictures below, Thanks!
  4. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hey guys, got an older model walker and looking for a spare rim - new or used. Thing is, it seems Walker has rims made specifically for them. The box stores - Northern Tool, Home Depot, etc. have the right size rims (8X7 on a 4 bolt pattern) but have only centered offsets. Even in my searches...
  5. General Industry Discussions
    can anyone tell me what year this mower is from looking at this info ?? Thank you in advance
  6. Marketplace
    Used Walker Mower H18 Loader Bucket for sale Comes with Implement Hitch and wiring harness Looking for $1500 or B/O Located in Northern NJ
  7. Marketplace
    Selling my 52" Walker GHS Deck, deck has 94 hours on it, downsizing to a 48" GHS $1,600.00 OBO
  8. Marketplace
    Hello everyone! I have the following Walker Equipment for sale. All in excellent condition. Location is Norther NJ 1- Walker 52" Side Discharge Deck (purchased in 2016 and used a couple times a week). $1200 I have it on an MT machine 2- Walker A10 DeThatcher is perfect condition and 2 years...
  9. Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys I am new to the lawn care business, I started my company in the middle of this past summer and I started out with a bush hog 52" zero turn great starter mower but its time to move up. I have a few commercial properties and about 7 or 8 residential. ive been searching around and found a...
  10. Marketplace
    ISO good running walker. Will travel as long as distance and price are within reason. (I'm located in Evans Ga)
  11. Mechanic and Repair
    I have a walker mower diesel, 2001 that has worked like a champ up until this year. i have been trying everything to repair but can seem to find the solution. the mower will work fine for about 45 minutes to an hour and once it warms up the electrical seems to cut out and the engine starts to...
  12. Marketplace
    This is a great mower. We are simply replacing our fleet with new mowers and are moving the older walk behind mowers. This machine has 946 Hrs. This will come with a sulky. Great cut. These mowers are ideal for a crew because they are easier to maintain and less opportunity for break down...
  13. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Any homeowner using the Walker S14 mower? Are you happy with the mower? If you were to buy another Walker would you spend the extra money for the C or MT series or is the S plenty? I am going to buy one but would like to hear from a users experience. 100% homeowner use and pretty flat...
  14. Marketplace
    Perfect Condition ( little bit dirty) 48" Side Discharge Walker Mower w/ 18hp Briggs. Flat proof casters and rear tire. 322 hours. Site isnt letting me upload pics. Call/Text 620.440.2107 for pictures Email: [email protected]
  15. Marketplace
    Hi there I have 2 2011 walker mowers for sale 26 efi Kohler engine with 48 in ghs decks one 1400 hrs and the other has 1800 hrs well maintained both have light kits suspension seats and quick deck height adjustment, get ready for fall clean up!!! $7000 for 1400 he's and 6000 for the 1800 hrs or...
  16. Marketplace
    Upgraded my walker and selling old one
  17. Marketplace
    Selling my 2011 Exmark Lazer Advantage S Series mower with 27hp kohler and 60" ultra cut 4 series deck. Has 940hrs. Well maintained, changed oil every 100hrs with mobil 1 synthetic. Currently in the shop getting new head gasket. Its a fairly common problem on these engines. I think I have a new...
  18. Marketplace
    I'm looking to buy a lightly used walker mower mtghs 2010 model or newer with power dump and preferably suspension seat and 26hp kohler efi. Send pix of what you have and asking price. Im in midwest but can travel.
  19. Marketplace
    Hopefully I'll be in the market to buy a good used walker by this fall. Id like a 2011 or newer with 500 or fewer hours on it and well maintained. Needs to have power dump and prefer suspension seat. I'm in no rush, just thought id put this out and see whats available. I want either 52 or 48...
1-19 of 28 Results