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  1. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    I'm redoing a dry stack stone wall for a customer. Its about 2 feet tall and 40 feet long. I have to dig out the dirt behind a little and then restock the wall, any idea what I should charge? Thanks!
  2. Hardscaping
    We have laid and glued half of a sitting wall and 2 columns. Block is 12" long and 4"tall. We went to get the 2 skids left to finish the job and they measured 11.75" long and 3.75 tall. AND all the skids of that block at the paver company we bought them from measure 11.75 and 3.75. They are...
  3. Hardscaping
    Need a little step by step help or video on how to start a dry stack landscaping wall. it will be semi circular and about 2 foot high. Just need help on figuring out where to start. Thanks
  4. Hardscaping
    Just some before and after pics of a wall and walk we did... Wall is techo semma with escala caps and the walk is parisian with the maya steps. Before: Some Progress Pics: After: Still some work needs to be done plus more shrubs but this is about 90% complete
  5. General Industry Discussions
    I was asked to bid an L shaped retaining wall (only 36" tall). The owner currently has RR ties and will remove them and purchase the blocks, gravel, sand, fabric etc. for the project. They want me to do install only (taking away my materials mark up). One section is 22' the other is 15'. Is...
  6. Hardscaping
    I've been doing mostly maintenance for some time now. Have a client with an existing wall that was not properly built. It will need to be torn down and rebuilt. The dimensions are 6.5' X30'. Currently there is no drainage behind the wall. How would you guys price removing the wall that is...
1-7 of 7 Results