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    Wanted: 48" mower Scag, Exmark and Wright brands only. I ideally would like a scag v-ride or other stander mower. May consider WB if priced right.
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    I have an older Cushman 6150, (Ransomes) mower. The center deck seems to run slow and does not cut heavy grass, belt is good and tight. Would like to try to replace center deck motor.Any help in locating used or even new would be apreciated. Any tips on checking or adjusting presure would also...
  3. Marketplace
    I need a dump trailer 7x14 or maybe a little bigger 14000lb min preferebly in michigan.
  4. General Industry Discussions
    Looking to buy small business in area. Fert & weed control accounts, Mowing, & Irrigation. Will consider equip and retaining employees. Please send a pm to discuss.Thank You.
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    Hi all. I am looking for a Walker mower in decent shape, not too many hours (2000 or less). Looking for a GHS, 48" to 52" deck. Also interested in a mulcher of the same size. Looking to spend less than $5000. PM me or reply here with what you have. Thanks, Brian. edit - you can't post an email...
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    I'm looking for a 48" or maybe a 52" beltdrive walkbehind. It doesn't have to be pretty but I'd prefer it to be running and mowing grass. I live in eastern NC. The farther I have to drive, the less I'm willing to give for it. Post a pic on here of what you have or send me a private message...
1-6 of 6 Results