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  1. Water Features
    Anyone know the best way to run power to a water feature? I have been building a pondless waterfall by bluethumb(formally pondbuilder) in my backyard and the pump power cord is about 10 feet. I need another 20 feet to get to my closest wall outlet. How do you guys bury these powercords from...
  2. Water Features
    Hi, I am a novice to building waterfalls, which is what my question is for. Having laid 20ft x 5ft EPDM and built the first of two stone faces, I want to glue a fold of the EPDM to the back of the stone. This is so that the water will not fall down the back of the stone but rather over the...
  3. Original Pictures Forum
    This backyard project has 2 waterfalls (8 tons of moss rock), 2 lg cambridge paver patios set on cement (random pattern) and a complete backyard planting. From start to finish i was there about 3 weeks with 3 guys. This was my first project for the 07 season. Designed and built by Cedar Ridge...
  4. Original Pictures Forum
    Love this waterfall probably more than the customer. 50 yards of topsoil and about 11 tons of moss rock built the waterfall and a small retaining wall. I had this project finished in about 4 days w/ 2 guys.
1-4 of 4 Results