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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Anyone else experience this? I have the Wright Stander 36 I. Purchased new several months ago and now has 53 hours on it, while mowing the yard I heard a sputter for a few seconds and the blades stopped. I turned the mower off and turned it back it, but when trying to engage the blades it did...
  2. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I've been in the biz about 5-6 yeas - mostly solo-op, running smaller ztrs (my workload is about 60% residential accounts). I'm thinking about bidding on this mower from a local auction site and wanted to get some feedback. It shows about 836hours, serial number shows it was assembled Apr 2011...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hey everyone new to the forum. It was nice to see a community of landscapers sharing knowledge and advice. I’ve worked for my father’s landscaping for 10 years and am now semi venturing off on my own. I have about 25 clients now and am in the market to buy my own standing lawn mower. My question...
  4. Marketplace
    Looking for a backup mower. We have Hustlers so a mini Z or stand on (Wright/Gravely/scag) will work but it must be a 52" deck. . Located near Kokomo, Indiana. Let me know what you have, thanks in advance! Buying something this week.
  5. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I have been interested in getting a stander and the two closest dealers are Scag and Wright. I was able to demo a Scag 60" V Ride 2 29 kohler efi and a Wright 72" ZK quad wheel 37 briggs efi. I would have gotten a 61" zk but the dealer only had a 52 and 72 to demo. Before I start I would like...
  6. Marketplace
    2017 Wright Stander 32” lawn mower with mulch kit for sale. It has a 18.5 HP Kawasaki engine. The mower only has 158 hours on it and was serviced routinely. A service reference is available. It fits through all gates wider than 34”. It is a great lawn mower and I am only selling this lawn...
  7. Marketplace
    Nice exmark laser z for sale. One owner with 1550 hrs. Installed new engine at dealer 140 hrs ago. It just got it's 3rd oil change. Always used synthetic oil. Hydros were serviced when engine was installed. Downsizing business and don't need anymore. Asking $5500 OBO.
  8. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I have an older vanguard twin (385777-0349-E1) 21HP on my Wright mower. The engine runs rough, and I've narrowed it down to the right cylinder. Whenever running, the engine surges during idle to mid rpms, but usually sounds alright full throttle. I noticed the right spark plug intermittently...
  9. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Usually when I try to lower my Wright Stander X 52 in deck, the lever seems to hit a block and consequently not lower the deck, sometimes it works and goes all the way and lowers. I checked my hydro fluid and it was totally full as well as no leaks.
  10. Landscape Maintenance
    So I have a 52 inch Wright Stander with gator mulching blades. I was wondering, if I were to diy a chute blocker, what would be the best process and materials. Thanks
  11. Marketplace
    I’m looking to buy a stand on 36 inch mower I am located in southeastern mn and I’m willing to drive or meet part way for the right deal I’m open to all brands and if it’s a little smaller deck than a 36 that’s fine also just looking to eliminate push mowing
  12. Lawn Mowing
    I'm going to put in an estimate to the football field in my rural town. I want to be very reasonable as it will be good advertisement and a good way to give back to my community all the while doing what I love. Right now it is not mowed very professionally. A lady at the school does it for...
  13. Mechanic and Repair
    Hello. I have a 36in wright stander with a fixed deck. It has a 15hp kawasaki engine on it. I need to replace the engine but not looking to spend 1000+ on it. I was wondering if I could replace it with a Kohler engine or a kawasaki off of a used walk behind or tractor because they seem to cost...
  14. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I am a junior in high school and I am wanting to start mowing 30 lawns a week. I have a wright stander, push mower, blower, weed eater, trailer and truck. I mowed a few last year but I want to get bigger this year. Is it realistic?
  15. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hey Everyone, For you guys thinking of buying slope mowers you need to check out the Summit Mower line. I purchased a Summit TRX-44-Pro to mow some steep slopes at a commercial property I maintain. I cant believe the productivity that I am getting out of this unit. What was taking 4 guys 3 days...
  16. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hello, I've been looking into Wright's ZK stand on mower. has anyone ran them? I have watched videos of them and I'm not sold on the cut quality when mowing at high speeds. I would love feedback on the Wrights. I run Scags in my business, cutting southern Illinois grasses. Thanks in advance!
  17. Introduce Yourself
    Its time for me again to buy some new mowers. My last purchase I bought all new Toro Grandstands because I was impressed with the cut quality over my Wright standers. The toro's were awesome for about 400-500 hours but then all hell broke loose. I'll be the first to admit that my employees...
  18. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Here is a very informative video of the all new Wright Sport Intensity.
  19. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I'm the mow foreman for a landscape company. I'm putting together a presentation to the owners about incorperating at least 2 stand on mowers to our fleet. i wanted to know what any experienced operators think of them. especially any advantages over sit down mowers. any input would be helpful...
  20. Marketplace
    Have 48 Velke Hydro with about 150 hours, Mint Condition, Located in Bergen County, NJ. Looking to get 4000 OBO, Open to trades looking for a 48 Stander. PM for pictures.
1-20 of 44 Results