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    2017 slice seeder attachment for all Z-Plug models (3 Wheel and 4 Wheel). Only used twice. Over seeding, turf repair, or complete renovation, the 36 in. slit seeder is a valuable attachment. In a minimal amount of time you can convert your Z-Plug unit from an aerator to a slit seeder...
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    I’m branching out into topdressing starting in 2020. I’m looking to buy any topdressing equipment around here. Ecolawn 200 Turfco Mete-r-Matic’s Stand-on Aerators Topdressing Drag Mat Pull Behind Topdressers Etc. Picking up a Cushman Turf Truckster soon. Any Topdresser for that would be...
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    Brand new frame for 3 wheeled z plugger. LT Rich part number 80710. I am asking 1/3 of the retail price of $596.
1-3 of 3 Results