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  1. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I am looking to purchase a zero turn mower soon. I would like at least a 50" deck. I will be mowing between 2.5-3 acres weekly. Land is around 80% flat/little incline/decline and the other 20% is a bigger incline or has to be weed-eated. I am looking to spend between $4,000-$5,500. To mow the...
  2. Marketplace
    Like new 2016 60" Wright- Z -series zero turn mower with 350 hours, weight kit, quick adjust cutting deck and three bag belt drive bagging system. 28 H.P Kawasaki engine. Great condition, to big for my few properties. Looking to down size or possibly make a deal. Asking $8000.00 or Possible...
  3. Lawn Mowing
    This is such a great video I found on youtube in regards to cut quality!
  4. Marketplace
    2015 Hustler X-One 60" Mower for sale - Wichita, KS - $7500 Low hours (only 215 hours) Suspension Forks Run flats on front Striping kit included Like brand new Please contact Shawn at 316-734-5380 for additional details if interested!
  5. Lawn Mowing
    Alright guys, I just bought a 07' Husqvarna LZ6127. Mower runs and cuts GREAT. Just needed a few things after buying like changing the oil..ect. It had been sitting in the shed for two years or so. After my last yard it started skipping which I recognized as the spark plugs, and after changing...
  6. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I am considering the purchase of a Scag Freedom Z 52" with either the 26 briggs or the Kaw engine. Does anyone own one or know somebody that owns one. What is the pros and cons of them and how about the zt-3100 hydro transmissions. Any input would be greatly appreciated. :dizzy:
  7. Lawn Mowing
    Hi, I'm searching for a 42 to 48" zero turn mower that will be for home use only. Right now I'm only mowing 1/2 acre with lots of obstacles, but next summer that will go up to 1 or 1 1/4 acres. I was looking at the BadBoy MZ48 with a B&S eninge when a local dealer told me about the new...
  8. Lawn Mowing
    By this time tomorrow, you will be able to order the patent pending Tedbrakes Front Braking System Installed on NEW Bad Boy Mowers Lightning Series, AOS Series, and AOS Diesel models on EBAY. Any Deck Width, Any options you want are available. Mowers with brakes installed will not be sold...
  9. Lawn Mowing
    Have any of you seen or even driven the newest Cub Cadet Tank? The "S" series has a steering wheel instead of the drive levers. The front wheels are controlled by the steering wheel instead of being dolly wheels. This is a must have if you are mowing banks.
  10. Lawn Mowing
    With 3 people that I personally knew killed on Zero Turn Mowers, I decided to invent front brakes for a zero turn mower. Well here they are. TEDbrakes, trademarked and patented hydraulic front brakes for ANY zero turn mower. We also have a four wheeled brake model coming. Help the cause to make...
1-10 of 12 Results