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  1. Marketplace
    (4) older models Z-spray's, 2 of them have new engines and are listed at $3,300/each and 2 older ones for $3,100, buy all 4 @ $10,000. These machines were all well maintained through the years and recently (3 years) used as back up machines if needed/mostly just stored and still maintained to...
  2. Marketplace
    brand new took off day one. been sitting in storage all stainless came of a 42z $150 each I have 6 of them 609-290-0705
  3. Marketplace
    I have a Permagreen Triumph I used this past season. It was completely rebuilt from the ground up last winter and runs great. It is just too small for what I need so I am moving on. The hour meter does not work so I am not sure amount of hours put on machine this year but I am sure it is less...
  4. Marketplace
    Bought this new last spring and it was used only a handful of times. Works great and is in like new condition. I just prefer to use a trailer. Please let me know if you have any questions or interest. Would like to get $2000 obo. Having trouble getting the pics to upload. If you would like to...
  5. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    As the title says, does anyone have one? How do you like it? Pros, cons, etc etc. Our speedometer weve been using on our zsprayer crapped out after many years of service and was looking at one of these units. Thanks again guys
  6. Marketplace
    371 hours. Runs great. $4500 or best offer. I also have a T3000 for sale. It was only used for 2 seasons, but the hour meter says 1457 hours since we leave it running on the trailer all day. $3500 or best offer for the T3000.
  7. Marketplace
    Turfco 3000 applicator. Spread fertilizer and spray weeds at the same time. Since it is not a hydro drive it tears up the grass less and handles hills very well. Also comes with a hopper extension and the auxillary spray tank which is not pictured on the machine, but pictured on the shelf. Used...
1-7 of 9 Results