“Two wheeled WEEDEATER (2LS)”

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    “Two wheeled WEEDEATER (2LS)”

    .... I did this review and POSTED it on another forum a couple of weeks ago. Though there were over a 100 reads not one of those had a comment. It now appears there just was not the interest because of the spring of the year. Yet robust mowing machines drew immediate attention.

    ....I also felt it worthwhile to POST the results here. For sure you all would be interested in the results of a relatively new product, I would think. The following review is what was written plus updates.

    .... How the NEW two wheeled WEEDEATER did in it's field trials. Well it's a nice machine for the most part. If what you're looking for is a machine to save your back and trim around a few bushes, sidewalks, trees, and flower gardens it did a great job for me. But, if you want to trim along a wall the handle needs to be offset to the left side because it scraped up my right hand as I moved along. If you trim along a high fence, like American wire horse fence, same problem. There is also an additional problem. The hub that holds the wheel on catches in the fence and could catch on the side of a brick wall as well. What is needed is a half moon cover on the right wheel so it slides along the fence rather than catching as it does now. There needs to be a way to LEAN the machine from left to right and vice versa about an inch both ways, so you can get down to those absolute rooted tight spots with the trim line. The more you use this machine the more you find yourself enjoying it. If you use the left side of the machine to trim that brick wall or that high fence it works pretty good, though not perfect. With these few exceptions, the machine is a down right pleasure to work with. I find it to be fuel efficient because you're not carrying it and you tend NOT to rev up the engine as often. I ran the machine for about an hour and a half and covered quite a bit more territory than I would have if I had been carrying it. And because of the mentioned Items above and adapting to the use of the machine for the first time, I will have to replace the trim line the next time around. Other than that, it may NOT have been necessary. But since using it, I find that I replace the trim line at least once every hour (roundly), but since it's precut it's not a job. It is the WEEDEATER WT3100 model and it has the standard 31cc gas two cycle engine with precut trim line. The air intake is through the handle with a small hole at the top underside of the handle. There is a soft rubber-like molded tube connecting the engine with the handle at the base (see pics). It also has a necessary METAL skid plate or knob that contacts the ground with the trim line. I called WEEDEATER on their 800 number and after a considerable wait the person that came on the phone was a parts man. He took my name and phone number and said he would pass along my comments. Then he asked me how I liked it, that he also was considering purchasing one, how ironic. So I told him most of my findings. I am hoping that WEEDEATER might get back to me and work with me in resolving these problems. Surely it would be to their benefit as it would definitely be to mine and future buyers. So all and all I really like the machine and would have to give it a 7.5 out of a 10 rating :).

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