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    Hi, my name is Martin and i started when i was 19 with an electric mower and a little weedeater. I am 30 now and i have 1 Toro Super Recycler, 1 Toro Recycler, 2 Echo 270, 1 Husqvarna 123R, 1 Husqvarna 335XPT, 1 Echo Blower, 1 Shibaura Blower, 1 JD LX178, 1 Hustler Fastrak 42, 15 Gal AgriFab Sprayer. I have 32 accounts (of about 800m2 each) a soccer field and some public places of a CountryClub.
    I have 1 Chev C10 1974 and 1 2001 VW Transporter.
    I was in USA last month and i learnt a lot of how you mow. I will be reading the forums to learn more of how you do the work.
    Now i have to buy a trailer for the Hustler.
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    Some pics

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    Welcome to the site. I run competetive travel baseball teams and a few years back we had 5 players come from Argentina and stay with us. They told me about the many opportunities for quality landscape management over there. Your pics look great!

    Good luck. If you ever need help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask.


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