“The Revenge of the Acorn”: Lyme Disease Explosion

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements' started by Michael J. Donovan, May 18, 2017.

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    The whole Chronic Lyme Disease issue is controversial. My wife still has symptoms that we believe are related to her Lyme Disease and has been receiving ongoing treatment and medications for it...arthritis and connective tissue disease. Her symptoms are much like those for Lupus.

    The problem is that the CDC does not recognize Chronic Lyme Disease, leading to it not being accepted as a disease by the mainstream medical community. They call it Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome. The controversy is basically whether there is ongoing/recurring infection by the bacterium that causes it or "residual damage to tissues and the immune system that occurred during the infection.” The result is that getting long-term antibiotic treatment for what may be an ongoing infection is difficult, especially given new guidelines for reducing antibiotic use.
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    I know several folks with Lyme Disease.
    They get fatigued fairly fast and don't feel well in full sunlight.

    I would like to add to Michael's post;
    Chipmunks and grey squirrels also harbor ticks.
    I had to trim a 'deer path' today and subsequently found a tick crawling on me shortly afterwards!
    I hope everyone checks themselves daily for these little devils.
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    Read the other day that they winter in left over leaves that were not picked up. I have over 6 acres here , mostly wooded. Thinking about doing a controlled burn next fall.
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    Just wanted to bump this thread as we head into spring 2018.
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    Just another yearly bump for this thread.

    I pulled off a deer tick from my body today.
    It's important for everyone to check themselves after working outdoors.

    I was told that taking your work clothes and putting in the drier on high for 15+ minutes will kill any ticks on your work clothes.

    It dries the little devils out and kills them.
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