0 for 3 on pressure washing bids this week

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    First job 980 sq foot deck. I quoted $120 and a optional $45 for anti skid tape installed. Since the clients reason for washing was liability for slipping.

    Second job 800 sq ft roof. $135

    Third job 4100 sq ft two story house and 460 sq ft deck. I discounted this to $430.

    I might still get the last job but the other two I havent heard back from. I believe my prices are right along the industry standard. Any suggestions?
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    There are big differences in prices from area to area as we all know. With that said, I won't even roll the truck for roof cleaning for less than $350. (Chemical cleaning, no power washer). Maybe it's not such a bad thing losing jobs on the lower end?

    Hoping your closing rate picks up, and at a premium.

    *edit* to add: excellent web site by the way. Very nice!

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    It was just a garage roof. I can tackle it from the ground. The big house is more of a challenge with heights of 28'.

    I do too.... Now you have me thinking I'm the problem.

    I did that all myself. I tried selling websites before landscaping.
    I dont know it would've help fill my schedule till mowing starts. I could use every dollar these days. I had a yard clean up cancel after we agreed to a deal. It wasnt a big yard so I didn't have a contract signed. :hammerhead: I have a big clean up and a 6 yard mulch install Monday to start the week off. Lets see what happens after that.
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    That sucks. I hate losing jobs. Good luck to you.
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    With fuel nearing $4.00 a gallon again, we have started charging a refundable $1.00 a mile one way charge for estimates. (refundable only if we do the job on that trip) Our minimum charge is $150 for any cleaning service. This has worked out very well for us as the tire kickers and price buyers won't pay the milage, therefore we save a lot of time and money chasing nothing. The people that agree to it usually (90% of the time) have us do the work.

    How you guys run your business is your business. I learned long ago that I can't afford some people and they say can't afford me. No is only a two letter word and I prefer to get it on the phone. Do I occasionally leave some money on the table? Probably, but after all my years in business, I've figured out that any money left on the table will never make up for the wasted time and money chasing every ding-dong caller that is looking for something for nothing.

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