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  1. strickdad

    strickdad LawnSite Senior Member
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    any body familar with a lesco "post emerg" with the numbers 0-0-7 ? is it any good? and how soon can you seed after install?
  2. thelawnguy

    thelawnguy LawnSite Silver Member
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    It is straight pendimethalin pre-emergent. The "7" is there only because of the "nutritional value" of the bulk carrier agent to help it spread easier.

    I have used it in cases where a mid-season application without benefit of fertilizer is warranted with successful results. Its residual action is around 16 weeks so do not plan to apply it if you are going to overseed or renovate any time soon.
  3. jwalker

    jwalker LawnSite Member
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    Sorry "thelawnguy" but the LESCO 0-0-7 has Momentum, a post emergent not pre-emergent.

    Strickdad, we are going to be using it for the first time this season. Will let you know how it goes.
  4. tremor

    tremor LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We offer 0-0-7 with all of the following:

    Merit .2%
    Momentum on an elite prill for Post-Herb
    Talstar .069 for surface feeders
    Pre.M .86% for Crabs
    Dimension .07%, .10%, & .15% all for crabs

    Many have asked me why we like this 0-0-7 fertilizer. It's because we can legally call it fertilizer in all the states in the nation. This way to don't have to purchase registrations on fertilizer combos & straight granular products when one label is usually sufficient. Now some states diifer in how the assess registration fees & we have to pay for every item no matter what. But others allow any analysis fertilizer combo (no matter the fert analysis) so long as the pesticide portion doesn't differ.

    For the record, the 0-0-7 Momentum is a 30 lb bag & therefore only treats 8,000 sq ft. My customers who have used it have reported very good results. Since many are aware of my reservations when it comes to granular postemegant herbicides, it should come as no surprise that I have been pleasantly surprise by the results I have seen.

  5. strickdad

    strickdad LawnSite Senior Member
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    mmmmm getting conflicting stories,, i did get a chance to call lesco and they said i can put it in and re-plant 4 weeks after it is down... they also said that since there is no N i could re-apply (if needed) with out any discoloration the turf...

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