02 Exmark Air Cleaner Modification

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bushman, May 26, 2002.

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    My 02 Exmark has the canister style cleaner above the muffler. It seems to lack the guts that 25hp should offer. I have noticed while running hot air from around the muffler is being drawn into the intake. (reach back and place hand under intake while running).
    I simply turned the caniter 180 degree so the intake is on the oppisite side. close to the seat back and away from the discharge side of the mower (cleaner air).
    Now the air is nice clean and cool going in and I might have 1/2hp more power (dyno-test N/A) But the Exmark emblem is now covered up.
    It still seems to lack the power a 25 should have compared to the 27 I had demoed.
    Best Regards
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    hi bushman
    the problem is in the torque. the 27 kaw has 1/3 more torque than the 25 kohler. its a huge difference. matter of fact the 23 kaw has more torque than the 25 kohler. where are you at in tn.

  3. That should make no difference at all.

    Both the Kohler and Kaw, normally have a pre-heated intake air filtration system.

    By putting the Nelson filter on, they removed the kohler filter and adding a 200% more filter element area.

    Will not effect you hot or cool air intake draw what so ever.

    What mower is this on?

    All of my Kohlers have this filter or a Donaldson filter.
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    Yah I know, It had to be the toque differance :) I did not see the figures published anywhere when I made the purchase.
    The power problem really showed up after installing the mulch kit. We are near the end of the surge growth period here in middle Tn and the grass is still quite thick on some lawns. I wanted to place the new mower in a tough situation to see what it could do. Normally I would have waited a little later before mulching. Last week I was discharging with very little power concerns. As summer heats up the grass will slow down and mulching will be much easier.
    The mower is a Lazer Z 60 25 kohler
    Based on my hot rod experiences. I have found the colder the intake temp the more power is produced. Cold air is more dense than warmer air which results in a denser air/fuel charge in the cylinder. In turn results in more power if the engine is properly adjusted for the change. In my technical books there actually are charts/formulas to calulate power gain with the drop in temp. which brings us to the subject thermodynamics. :)
    Why choose the 25 over the 27? mostly money plain and simple
    I wanted a economical mower which I could standardize in my company to compliment our Walkers.
    the 25 is listed as being 30% lighter (less soil compaction)
    the 25 have the same pumps as the 27
    the 25 is ~1200 less
    Yet a replacement 25 engine is ~1400 with new everything
    the 27 used dexacool. Dexacool will turn to a gummy mess if air gets in the system.
    (please ask any radiatior repair shop before challanging)
    The bagger attachment is suppose to fit better on the 25.
    But still I loved driving the 27. If I was to be the sole operater that is what I would have.

    Thank you for the replys I am fairly new to the site and really enjoy the oportunity for discussion.

    I guess next I will shave and port the heads, install colder plugs and open up the pipes. :D

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