02 triton blows smoke

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by AI Inc, Jun 12, 2009.

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    I have an 02 f-250 5.4 gas . When I leave my house in the am I never let it warm up. Turn the kay and drive away. I drive about 1 mile and get on the hwy. 1-1/2 miles down thw hwy there is a small hill. Truck with blow blue smoke out the exhaust everyday for about 15 seconds going up this hill. Then will clear and not do it again till the next morning.

    Any ideas , shouild I be concerned?
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    Blue smoke usually means the engine is burning oil.
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    In a word; Yes, you should be concerned.

    And also, it's something that you could have at least partially prevented.

    People assume these days that with modern electronic control, that old-school basics such as allowing a bit of time for a stone-cold engine to warm up is no longer nessciary. Some also believe that things like oil changes and coolant flushes are passe' these days - to the determent of thier veichle and it's mechanical systems. It's true that programming and fuel injection do help, however you can't get past physics.

    If the oil is located in the sump and cold, it's prudent to at least wait for full oil pressure to occur at idle before shifting into gear and going. You need not (and should not) wait longer than, say, 15 seconds, or maybe 30 if it's below 20F outside. However this allows the oil to fully cycle through the engine and begin to warm up. It's little known that most engine wear occurs at start-up, since there is very little oil left in the upper parts of the engine.

    Imagine if you had to suddenly wake up and run 5 miles, at nearly full speed, without putting on your shoes, stretching, taking a shower, etc. It's sort of like that for your truck, and if you're seeing smoke, and comsuming oil, the scoring to the cylinder walls is likley already underway.

    I had a co-worker who refused to put his car or truck into drive until the temp gauge moved off of COLD. This was summer or winter, no matter, he just sat out there 7 - 10 minuites each night, waiting. He also drove less than 8000 miles a year. This is the opposite extreme, and likely there were many other issues caused by this, but he didn't keep cars long enough to find out.
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    First thing i would try is replacing PCV Valve....Costs about $2 dollars at Autozone and take about 2 minutes to replace and would be the first troubleshoot to try when blowing blue smoke...........hopefully that will be all it needs for ya

    ......You can do some searches on the web for PCV Vavle Smoke and see if the symptoms match up to yours, but Definately should replace if it hasnt been.
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    Do not get any brand PCV they cause lot trouble. Get motorcraft PCV

    Our F250 V10 would do that but we quit do this and let warm up for 1 min then drive it.

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