'03-'04 6.0L Powerstroke

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  1. JustaGlimpseLandscapeMntc

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    Long story short, I just got screwed out of a deal for a '00 Chevy K3500, as the dealer sold the truck, despite me having a deposit on it. Needless to say, I don't wanna deal with them again.:hammerhead:

    I'm going out to look at a few trucks tomorrow and am leaning towards diesel. My question is what is everyone's experience with the '03-'04 Powerstroke? I've heard a lot of bad stories about these until they got the problems worked out in the later years. I have to wait to call the dealer tomorrow to ask, as it only says that they are Powerstrokes, and in 2003 they were still producing the 7.3 as well.

    Just looking for some input from people with experience with the early 6.0. Thanks!
  2. TXNSLighting

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    The 03-04 6.0l were the worst issue wise. but there were still plenty of good ones. Whichever you look at, check the oasis report (the dealer will give you this for free) and go from there. If its free of major repairs, (injectors, Turbos, heads, and so on) Then its one of the goodns. But if you do get one fairly cheap, and you have some extra cash, go ahead and get the new head studs for it, and you will have a great truck.

    Your going to get quite a few opinions on here, some are going to be ridiculously stupid, but ya gotta try and distinguish. Theres not many on here who know what theyre talking about.
  3. newtostone

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    I have a 03 and an 04 F350 6.0

    Both had a small oil leak and was the erg had the turbo cleaned once on the 03. Nothing major and they tow everyday a 20' enclosed trailer. Plow hard as well with 9.2 V plow + 2 yard salter. So they get their share of work. I like them but I have heard of some problems. One thing I will note is that they are just out of warranty. While I had my truck my dealer had no problems doing warranty work on it, I know sometimes they are like hmm what are you talking about, nope not with ford. I had it on a lift same day and they gladdy went to work on it. They know there were some problems and from what I have seen aren't afraid to back it.

    Do pull that report and check it out.
  4. ALLPro Landscaping

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    I have a late model 04, they were the better motors. The 03 STAY AWAY, I believe they still have the rebuilt 7.3 in them I believe it was the 7.6, either way, during late 02 to late 03 they were blowing heads left and right, ford didn't have enough motors to replace all the ones coming in. also sometime between 04 - 05 something else was done on the motors, ill have to check for you, my recommendation is to go with an late 06 or 07
  5. Gravel Rat

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    I have a 03 6.0 F-450 turbo has been replaced the ICP, vgt solenoid replaced the egr valve. The truck has been good you definatly need a Oasis report if it comes out not bad then you should be okay. If its 10 pages long run like h*ll.

    The biggest problem with the 6.0 is the moron that doesn't do the maintenance and the dealer mechanic that doesn't know what they were doing and made the engine run worse.

    Good maintenance ie changing the oil and filters etc and a good dealer mechanic makes a reliable 6.0.

    I think the first modification is block off the EGR with a frost plug welded in the up pipe. I haven't gotten the motivation to do mine yet. Get rid of the damn carbon running through the engine better it runs.

    Oh ya blocking off the EGR system is classified as " Illegal " :laugh:
  6. ALLPro Landscaping

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    I just looked it up the earlyer 03 had the 6.9
  7. JustaGlimpseLandscapeMntc

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    Thanks for the help guys! I'm gonna go take a look at them today, ones an '03 f-350 and the others an '04 f-250. Hoping that the '03 still has the 7.3L, but with my luck recently, I doubt it.:dizzy:
  8. Duffster

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  9. JustaGlimpseLandscapeMntc

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    haha lost me there too, thought they had the 7.3 and 6.0 in '03
  10. Gravel Rat

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    The 6.9 was in 1983 not 2003 :laugh:

    The 7.3 was offered in 2003 along with the 6.0 but many people wanted to try the 6.0 and got some bad dissapointment back then :cry:

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