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'03 Availability

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Terry (or whoever can help me), is there any way I can get a 03' Lazer Z 60 w/ 27 Kohler shipped to my dealer in Delanco, NJ? I was there yesterday and he called his distributor, but they were all sold out already. Is there a way the factory could help me out - that is if any still exist!.
He quoted me almost $1800 more for an 04 model,...but the Huge price increase, along with the rollbar I dont want, and possibly no free promotions,...I feel the 03 model is best for me.
Also, about the free promotion,.... does the free striping kit come w/ the 04 as well--as long as its bought before Oct 31st, 03? Or is that for leftover 03 models only?
Any help wouild be greatly appreciated!

Levittown, PA
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There are still plenty of both in and around the Ft.Wayne, IN area. I actually found the 04's $100 CHEAPER than the 03's at an out of town dealer. I'm sure they would be glad to ship one to New Jersey-if you want it bad enough...$$$

Let me know if you need phone #'s

The 04's only had a $200 price increase. By the time you pay the freight in from just about anywhere the 04 will probably be less money. Chances are the 03 model was quoted low because the 04's were coming in and your dealer wanted to clean out his inventory before they arrived.

The roller promo/mulch kit promo is on both 03 and 04 models sold from now until October 31st.

We haven't had any 03's in our inventory for several months so I won't be of much help there. Sorry.

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