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Terry (or whoever can help me), is there any way I can get a 03' Lazer Z 60 w/ 27 Kohler shipped to my dealer in Delanco, NJ? I was there yesterday and he called his distributor, but they were all sold out already. Is there a way the factory could help me out - that is if any still exist!.
He quoted me almost $1800 more for an 04 model,...but the Huge price increase, along with the rollbar I dont want, and possibly no free promotions,...I feel the 03 model is best for me.
Also, about the free promotion,.... does the free striping kit come w/ the 04 as well--as long as its bought before Oct 31st, 03? Or is that for leftover 03 models only?
Any help wouild be greatly appreciated!

Levittown, PA
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