03 GM Drivers Power seat and seat heater problems

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    Electrical problem
    2003 GMC Yukon V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 88000 miles

    My 2003 Yukon has a problem with the drivers side power seat (all functions) and Both power seat heaters not working. These functions worked one day and didn't the next.
    This vehicle has the auto recall seats and everything associated with that works except for the seat recall.
    I replaced the 30A circuit breaker located under the drivers side inst panel next to the steering column but that did nothing but cost me 14 bucks. The other fuse I checked was a 10 amp per the owners manual and it was fine. I looked at various other fuses and found nothing. I looked under the seat to the best of my ability and really didn't find any bad wires. (there may be some but it is hard to trace). The seat functions of the power passenger seat does work so my problem is exactly with the Drivers Power seat functions and Both seat heaters. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Ed

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