04 2500 HD Suspension

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CompletePropertyCare, Apr 11, 2006.

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    My truck is at AB Spring in Grand Rapids mi (shameless plug) Anyways, we have done a lot of business in the past so when I noticed my “new to me” 04 2500hd squatting pretty bad with wet mulch in the dump bed I decided I needed something done. I had though about one of the adjustable air bladder systems, my friend who owns the place told me to add two leafs to each side – just with the weight of the dump the truck was resting on the second leaf.
    Now the back of my truck is alittle high, I don’t want to just crank up the front sway bars so I thought about installing a set of these torsion bar keys to raise it up

    Anyone use these before?
  2. green814

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    Check this site out. I haven't read that anyone has used them for 2500's, but I think they may be able to help.http://www.gm-trucks.com/home/
    Good luck.
  3. scottishmaximus

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    How do you like the springs in the back? I was considering finding overload springs from a 1 ton. Any pics? I have my torsion bars cranked five turns and it sits pretty high. You may consider doing this. I haven't noticed excessive tire wear and it still handles well.
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    Ever look into airbags? I have them in my truck and I love them. You can adjust them to the proper hieght when you need it. I had 3000lbs of stone in the back and it didnt drop.

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