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04 duramax


LawnSite Senior Member
Omaha NE
Anyone had any problems with this engine or trans. Truck has 78k on it, has 3.73 rear end in it also. Truck was not used for plowing or towing at all either.


LawnSite Bronze Member
NE Tn.
i have an '03 and love it. no problems at all.


LawnSite Silver Member
Southeast Pa
Will probably have injector problems at some time in its life. Very common with the LB7 Duramax. Dealers will generally warranty up to 200,000 miles. I have an 02, and its a good truck. Go to www.dieselplace.com and read up there.

Did it change over to the LLY by '04?
If so, there may be overheating issues when towing very heavy loads in hot weather. You'd never see a problem with a trailer in the 14000lbs or less range though.