04 F250 struggling to pull trailer from dead stop.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CTmower, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. TTS

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    Not sure about older ones but the 4L60's they had in 1/2 tons in the late 90's would start in 2nd if you put it in 2 and used less than 50% throttle on take off. If you dug deep into the throttle it would kick to 1 but otherwise stay in 2.
  2. Dually00-00

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    I never had a 4l60e in my trucks mine have all been a 4l80e never really noticed them to do that. Maby I'm just stomping on it too hard. Im going to give it a try in my 93 k2500 .
  3. TTS

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    Not sure if Tow mode is even an option on them but in tow mode it always starts in 1
  4. Dually00-00

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    No tow/haul on the 93 k2500 but I have it on the 01 silverado 3500 has tow/haul feature. Both trucks have a 4l80e. I just ran out to try the 2nd gear trick on both chevy 4l80e's and it appears that they both start out in first gear when shifter is placed in the second gear positon.
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    sounds like what happened with my dads powerstroke. it lost reverse backing out of the driveway, only would engage if you slammed on the pedal. Then it wouldn't go over like 35mph, and that was at 2500 rpms! I've been around cars my whole life; we own a junkyard. but one thing I hate is trannys! I was told a flashing overdrive light is basically like a check engine light for your transmission.. don't know if this is true or not. Wasn't really the most reliable source.
  6. CTmower

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    Well looks like my F250 will be getting a new tranny. Brought it to a local shop a friend recommended and they hooked it up to the computers. Said the tranny fluid was BLACKER then BLACK and the was only about 70 psi in the tranny and it should be at 100 psi.. Gave me a quote of $4K to which I quickly laughed and picked my truck up. Got another quote from my regular mechanic for $3k for a new FORD tranny with 3 yr/ 100,000 warranty.. Lesson learned, transmissions suck but if your going to be snow plowing and towing a 20ft enclosed trailer expect to replace one every now and then.
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    In the future always change your tranny fluid at least once a year especially when hauling and plowing. When your plowing always come to a complete stop before switching from D to R and vise versa. Saves alot of wear and tear on a tranny. Ive got a 02 f-350 powerstroke with 215,000 that is on its original auto tranny and it shifts perfectly because I always change the fluid every year and its only plowed one winter so far but its hauled for half its life.

    Hopefully for your wallets sake when you get the new tranny or rebuilt tranny that it lasts you a long time!!!
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    How many miles do you drive per year?

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