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I just picked up my 04 lazer z with the free stripping kit. I just took it for a fast spin up my steret. when I did the stripping kit smacked a the cement that was only about 1/8" over the nomal grade, no damage. But, can this be adjusted? It being that low will cause it to kit alot of stuff. Will this be a problem, and will it get bent from this or will it act like scalping wheels.
And why is there no scalping wheels on the back of the deck with the stripping kit on?

I hope this can eighter be fixed or just be strong enough to take the beating it will receive from acutal mowing.


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Sounds like the stripping roller is set for the highest grass stripping possible. The roller follows the deck height, so if the deck is down the roller will be lower.

The roller is adjustable. The roller sets just like your anti-scalping wheels. Set roller to the height you are cutting at.

Also the roller acts or reacts exactly like an anti-scalping wheel.

Thanks, Fred.
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