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    I have 2006 gmc 2500hd with the duramax and allison and 45k miles. Check engine light came on about 2 days ago, but noticed nothing wrong with the truck. Went out this morning and saw trans fluid leaking from the front of the truck at the cooler.

    Took the truck in for service. Turns out that all 3 trans lines to the cooler are leaking at the crimped connectors. Is there something I could of done to cause this??? Truck is only 2 years old with 45k miles, and clean. I plow a few driveways and pull trailers occasionaly, but all in all, this is my commuter vehicle.

    Am I to believe 3 trans lines could develop a problem at the same time because of something I did?? I'm not sure, but I'm think these were defective parts from the start. Any others with similar problems?

    Next, it turns out the check engine light was not because of the trans leak (I didn't think so anyway). I figured it was the mass air sensor, and didn't worry too much about it. Turns out it was a glow plug problem.

    So, they changed out the bad plug and know still are getting bad code readings.

    They had a recall on the glow plugs that I had done this year. Is it possible that may be linked to this????

    They are going to work on it again on monday. I just want try and get some info so I can sift through all the BS they are going to give me on what is REALLY wrong with the truck.

    The engine is still under warranty, but he trans lins are not. Any one familiar with changing them on these trucks? They want 600 bucks for the 3 lines. I'm thinking I can do it for a lot less.

    thanks for any help to those who answer


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