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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Flow Control, Mar 18, 2006.

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    Has anyone been estimating without going over all of your costing yet concerning installs with pretty much price increases across the board. I was on a bid today and I had the turf area's at 3,150 and beds at an option of 1750 but knocked it down to 1500 since we do a lot of work for the landscaper. And the owner said that another company came in at 2500 for the turf. Now, 2500 was a common price 5 years ago. My bid included an ET timer. And basically if a owner cannot afford the 650 difference we don't need the work that bad. Now keep in mind this is an 550-600K home and the landscaper is getting over 35K for the install. So when the owner looked at me and said your bid is higher then the other one at 2500 can you do anything about it. I just looked back and said, I not here to compete for the lowest price, rather I am here to other a service that I stand behind. We will see what happens.. My goal this year is to cut back on lower end installs and concentrate on service since new construction is on a decline.
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    New construction is booming here, but a lot is cheap spec homes. Contractors want to spend $3k and get a complete landscape/yard and irrigation, and somehow there are bottom feeders doing it.
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    Compare your product to the competitor with the lower bid. You might not need to propose that ET COntroller. Contractors always want to work within a strict budget. Ask him how many bells and whistles he really needs.
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    I am finding this year I can sell my customers on a better warranty, and give them a stardard irrigation price, one with upgraded products(I-20 rotors, and institutional sprays), and even fertilizing injection systems. I would like to try the ET system, but would rather try it on a town home complex, so I can watch it a little closer. We are starting to see a drought in southern Iowa, and customers also seemed concerned with water conservation too. We raised our prices this year, labor and parts. I am tired of trying to get jobs from people that try and low ball stuff. If we get it fine, if not, let the other guy have it. I'll try and get the service on it next year.

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