06 Ford F150 vs. 00 Toyota tacoma

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by S man, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. S man

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    What truck should I get? I'm looking at a 06 Ford f150 with 15,000 miles and still under warranty for $14,000. It is a regular cab Xl with the shorter bed. It has a 4.2l V6 engine. Or I was looking at a 00 Toyota tacoma with 68,000 miles? for $8,800. It is a access cab with the seats in the back not four door. It has a 3.8l V6. Which would be good to get? I will be doing normal driveing and using it to pull a 5X12 open trailer. Less than 1500 lbs of equipment.
  2. supercuts

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    only you can anwer thsi, im a ford guy (see my list below, i have a 1984 2wd rusted out f150 with a 10' plow) but wouldnt buy a V6 from them, does the toyota have more bells and whistles?? for the price, id go toyota. it will pull that trailer no problem. if you need the full size bed, when then get the ford. the yota will get you better mileage too
  3. S man

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    The toyota does have a few more options than the ford but the ford in much newer with less milage and under warranty. I haven't heard back from the guy with the tacoma and he has had dozens of calls for it.
  4. jbannick18

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    im not a ford guy but i'd go with a fullsize truck any day over a tacoma, ranger, etc.
  5. Scag48

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    Tacoma and F150 are two very different trucks. The F150 is a half ton, the Tacoma is not. Tacoma's are great trucks, but you're not comparing apples to apples here.
  6. mower&more1986

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  7. supercuts

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    is this a joke?? he is saying the 00 toyota may be too old and your showing him these old rot boxes?? what happened to the good old days where someone can ask, "hey, i found these two trucks, which do you think i should get?" and then people actually answered the question asked rather than trying to get someone to consider some old heap that doesnt look remotely reliable. those trucks/engine were discontinued in 96, help the guy out, not lead him down the wrong path
  8. S man

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    Thank you just what I was thinking! I'm going to look at the tacoma tomorrow.
    I really don't need a big truck to pull a lot of weight because all I'm pulling is a 5X12 open trailer with 1500 lbs or much less. My dad works with me often so when we work together we use his 07 f150 supercab. Other than that I just need a everyday truck to get around in. The Tacoma should be fine for that. Right?
  9. MTR999

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    I can attest to that fact of bulletproof 4.9, 300-6, workhorse! Most of them die at 350-400k miles of abuse. It is the cheapest, most reliable investment..you can rely on. Tacoma is great but it is not prep to haul everyday especially lawn service, the engine is good forever BUT the brakes, rotor, transmission will not last like full size truck! that little brake pads will be shot along with disc within 8months of daily towing.
  10. KrayzKajun

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    i would push tht ford before i drove a toyota! ( i drive a chevy now)

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