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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Professional Cut Lawncare, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Professional Cut Lawncare

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    I am looking at trading in my Kubota ZD 21 for a Scag Turf Tiger with a 61" velosity deck.The engines I'm looking at are the 29hp Kaw.DFI or the 35hp lc Briggs. The Briggs is about 200 dollars higher than the Kaw.I have read where some guys said that the Kaw.was under powered when they got in thick tall grass.I was wondering do you think the fuel savings with the DFI is worth the loss of hp and torqe that the Briggs would offer.
  2. Audrey

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    Nope. I sure didn't.

    When you spend what you're spending, does $200 really make a difference over the course of a year, or two, or three...?

    I did not try the 29, but I felt the 27hp was underpowered. I'm going with the 35.

  3. twj721

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    the 29 dfi is a great engine but if they had had the 35 last year that is what I would have bought . just blame it on the old truck driver coming out in me All I need is a 100 rpms and 1 more gear, or better yet Tim Allen ( home improvement guy)

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    Jeez man get the 35 briggs van lc it don't get know better you are getting a top grade engine,we purchased a wildcat this week 52 inch 26 lc kaw,there is nothing wrong with the vansguards.
  5. rob1325

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    I have a 35 HP Liquid cooled for little over a year now, and has think little over 400 hrs. I like the power and motor, but hate the machine. I am tring to sell it. The thing I hate about it is the leg room. The motor is big and they put a stop on the seat, so you can't go back as far, as with the 29 Kawi DFI. I am 6"1" tall and find the machine very uncomfortable. Deck raise is to close and handles in reverse hit stomach. They are giving me the new style handles because of my complaining. The new machine's 06 address some of these issues I have like handle bars and adjustable deck lift. IMO, sit on both and drive around in a lot or better yet demo each if possible and you will understand what I am saying. IMO, the 29 if plenty powerful, (wish I purchased this instead). Also, the 35 is 100lbs heavier than the 29, which causes more divots when turning from my experience. But, if you feel comfortable on it and if you do alot of bagging, the power will come in handy, though it does eat the gas. I was cutting in rainy conditions and beleive me the machine rips right through it with very little clumping or bogging. If you have any other questions about the machine, ask away.


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