07 Dodge 3500 and western mvp plow

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by HazellLawnCare, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. HazellLawnCare

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    I have already posted this over at plowsite but I am wanting to finish this truck deal by the end of the week. I am getting an 07 Dodge 3500 quad cab cab and chassis with the 6.7 diesel and 6 speed auto. The truck has the snow plow prep package on it. I have a 9'6" Western MVP plow and I am concerned if it ways too much for the truck. Western doesnt show putting a plow on any diesel trucks. What is your take?
  2. dozerman21

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    I think you should be o.k. Depending on which model you have, it's around 200lbs heavier than the Boss V I have on my 3/4 ton Chevy with the Duramax. I would recommend getting some Timbren load boosters for the front. Looks like a nice blade.
  3. P.Services

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    i dont know what they are called or who sells them but i have seen air bags that go up front to keep the weight of the springs. nice truck make sure to take some pics i want to see it!!!

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