07 Gravely's?...Grey Seats and 30hp Kohler

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jtkplc, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. jtkplc

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    Has anyone seen Gravely's site, they updated it with what I assume to be 07 info. They reshuffled their line up a little, they have a 100/200 series which consits of a stripped down 260, 252, 152, &148Z with a manual deck lift, the non-suspension seat, with just one engine option, which is an engine with middle of the road power. Then they have the ZDX line where they added the 30 hp Kohler to the 260Z, but only have the 26 hp L/C Kawasaki and 27 hp Daihatsu diesel for the 272Z, why they don't have the 30 hp Kohler is beyond me. The other noticable change is they are now grey seats instead of black. They didn't have anything on the front mount mower though, so maybe the update isn't complete yet. Does anyone know of any other changes 07?
  2. jtkplc

    jtkplc LawnSite Silver Member
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    I see they also decreased the fuel capacity on the 200 series from 14 to 13 gallons. Here is a picture of the '07 260Z

  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    I used to want to see more about the mulch kit for the X-factor...

    But as I posted a few weeks back... prices just went out of sight.
  4. Albemarle Lawn

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    Maintenance free = no grease fitting. So maintenace free = simply replace:confused:

    We have 3 260Z mowers and have replaced 11 spindles in about 5,000 total hours of use.

    If you are afraid of a grease gun this is not the business for you.
  5. jtkplc

    jtkplc LawnSite Silver Member
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    Yeah, I also noticed they don't list the MSRP anymore, probably because they figure it will scare too many potential customers away!
  6. jtkplc

    jtkplc LawnSite Silver Member
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    I noticed something else about the 07 272. They have had the 31hp turbo charged Daihatsu diesel in the past, now it's the non-turbo version. I still don't understand their thinking of offering the 26hp L/C Kaw. instead of the 30hp Kohler as their other engine option for the 272.
  7. noseha

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    I do have a 26hp L/C on a 260. It's a good motor only 650cc. but on a 72'' boy I don't know about that one.
  8. robbo521

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    i looked at them hard till it came to price.i was looking at the 48'' cut.the dealer didnt seem to care if he wanted me there or not.for $2g less i went with the Deere and i am happy i did.friend told me he thought the dealer would be closing the doors the 1st of the year.
  9. jtkplc

    jtkplc LawnSite Silver Member
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    Well I have a 25hp Kaw. on my 260Z and it's not enough. I would like upper 20's to about 30 hp. Actually, a 28 EFI would be sweet. But there is no way a 26hp Kaw. is enough to for a 72" deck, at least for my power likings.

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