07 Super Z 26 kawasaki LC

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    I just bought a super z with the 26hp Kaw. After the second time I mowed I had the same thing happen. I called the dealer and they came right over to pick it up. They are working on it now and I will let you know what they find.

    Aas a former motorcycle service tech for 10yrs, I have a couple of observations:
    low oil pressure can be caused by a few things: low idle, too thin or contaminated oil, low oil level or a mechanical problem like too much clearance between rod bearing jounrals and the like.

    It is possible the sending unit is too sensitive or defective. This is the easiest and as a tech's stand point the one you want to find defective. The ONLY way to determine this is to first verify that the unit is idling at the proper rpm then take oil pressure readings on a gauge. The manufacter should have a acceptable range for this to fall into. Simply increasing the idle till the buzzer and light goes out is a hillbilly and temporary fix. On that note, so is just adding heavier oil than the manufactuer recommends. Too my limited memory I can think of no reason that the oil pressure light would go out on it's own after extended break in time. The machine should be at it's "tightest" when new. If anyone can explain to me otherwise, I'm all ears.
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    Let us know what the dealer says.
    The Kawasaki guys will work with your dealer and get it checked out right and get to the reason why its happening.


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