'07 Toro Z597D 72" 209 hrs.

Left Field

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Hello ,

27 hp Diesel
Mulch kit installed
indoors every nite
washed after each use
maintained to the highest standard
without really looking close ... you'd swear it's brand new

Paid 16,200 new in '07 .... now with 209 hrs.

I don't have a good sense for how to price this ... if anyone is interested , great , let's talk .... but really I was looking for some pricing advice .

Thank You !! J.D. ( in Oregon )


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Hey buddy what's up? Man trying to resale one of these mowers now days is difficult. Between ebay and craigslist it seems like there are always deals on one. Even the dealers post on craigslist with low hour demos and sometimes got them marked down as much as 3000 and that's still with a warranty. I know that you paid alot for it but trying to get anything close to the original price would probably be asking the impossible. Example just found a 2006 that sold for 6000 with 629 hours, don't think it was in as good condition as yours but just saying.


Good luck and hope you sell it!

Left Field

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Hey Weav ,

Thanks for the reply ... I was beginin' to think nobody loved me :>)

My current thinking is an offer near the 10k ish range would have to be seriously considered . My mistake all the way on this purchase ... I overbought big time .. lesson learned !

Happy Holidays !!