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    I Have Been Researching 48-52 W/b's All Year. I Was First Considering A Mid-size Ztr Since I Already Had A 48" And 34" W/b (both Belt Drive)
    However, Due To The Fact That I'm Part Time And Sit At A Desk All Day I Have Decided To Step Up To A Hydro W/b And Wait To See How Business Is Next Year Before I Pay 7k To Sit Down And Cruise Twice As Fast.
    With Price Being A Factor I Have Eliminated Exmark And Scag But Am Still Considering Toro, Gravely And Hustler
    I Have Not Yet Demoed But Will Be Meeting A Hustler Rep Tomorrow And Am Supposed To Be Picking Up A Toro On Monday. Gravely On The Other Hand Has Not Been Able To Locate A Demo Anywhere Closer Than Pa Which Is Unfortunate B/c I Like Their 52" Pro-steer.
    So I Guess Im Down To The Hustler And The Toro.
    Price Aside, I Know The Toro Is A Better Mower In Almost Every Aspect. I Like The T-bar, Turbo Force, Toro Sulky, Etc.
    The Hustler Is Questionable To Me For 4 Reasons: 1. Izt Trans, 2. No Anti Scalp Rollers To Outside Or Rear Of Deck, 3. The Fact That A Local Dealer Is Willing To Unload A 2007 Trimstar New For 3900.00, 4. 11 Gauge Deck And Issues I Have Read About Here And There
    Toros Prices Are Considerably Higher. Of Course Right Around Exmark But A Little Less In My Area. If I Can Recall, The T2 Floating Deck 48 W/ 17 Kaw Was Over 5500.00 Easy
    So Now My Question, Should I Just Pick Up The Trimstar Due To Price? If I Knew For A Fact I Was Getting A Ztr Next Yr Then I Would Definately Go For It. But Assuming That This Will Be My Main Mower For The Next 2-3 Yrs What Do You All Think? The Toro Seems Great But Over 5500.00? - I Can Get A Gravely 148xdz Ztr For 6300.00?
    I Am Waiting To Demo Before I Make My Final Decision But I Kinda Feel Like My Mind Is Already Made Up On The Trimstar 48" Simply Due To How Cheap I Can Get One
    I Have Approx 25 Accounts Which I Do All The Cutting: Mostly Residential But A Few 2+ Acres - My Legs Are Getting Tired
    **unless You Guys Have Some Strong Input To Put Me In Another Direction Or A Gravely Rep Who Can Demo A W/b Near Cleveland, Oh**

    Please Let Me Know What U All Think
  2. Affordable RS

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    I was looking at the Trimstar for awhile but #1 and #2 killed it for me. Kinda sad because I like Hustler. I didn't know about #3 and #4, Thanks! If I was going to spend that much on a WB now, I think I would consider the Wright Stander RH.

  3. freedm2

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    You could check out the new Better Outdoor Products Dually. Its not listed on the site yet. Search on Lawnsite and you can ready about them now.

    Not a big fan of the Hustler due to the sealed hydro units. Pretty expensive mower for those cheap hydro's. Better uses the same thing but is about 1500 less I believe.
  4. JimQ

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    The Trimstar is IZT based. Hydro-Gear has phased out IZTs. I would be willing to bet this is the last year for the Trimstar in it's current configuration. My guess would be pumps and wheel motors for the coming year.

  5. freedm2

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    More likely ZT2800. They might still support the same bolt pattern.
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Don't know anything about the two mowers you describe so will defer to others here...

    BUT, you may want to consider the new Quick dually coming out soon. $3K to $4K fully equipped:)

    SMALLTIME22 LawnSite Member
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    3900.00 Is High For A Hydro 48" With A Floating Deck And 17hp Kaw?
  8. mag360

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    $3900 is what a 17/48 hydro walk should cost. The other companies are putting too much into theirs and cost is getting ridiculous. Ferris is over $6,000 last I checked for a 19/48 hydro walk when you can get a 21/48 is1500 rider for the same price (they were even under $6000 on promo last year).
  9. freedm2

    freedm2 LawnSite Member
    from PA
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    Sorry - I was talking about list price. $3900 seems good!

    I just picked up a brand new ZTR, Everride Hornet 23HP Kaw and 52" deck for $4500. It's probably a bit more commercial than the unit you are looking at.
  10. freedm2

    freedm2 LawnSite Member
    from PA
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    The only problem is they have residential-spec EZT tranny's. Still should last a long time though.

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