09 Ferris is1500 bigblock

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by GracesLandscaping, Jun 14, 2009.

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    I am posting this for my girlfriends mom. she just bought a brand new ferris (i think its an 09) and she has mowed her lawn with it 3 times now. she has never been on a zero turn, and is too scared to go fast so its not saving her all the time she was expecting andnow she wants to sell it and go back to her riding mower (dumb i know) anyhow its a great mower only has like 7 hours on it, bought 3 weeks ago. its an IS1500 Big Block. it has 61" deck all the suspension stuff, and also has a 28hp Briggs Vanguard big block. I ran it for a few minutes the other day while i was at her house and it seems to be a very nice mower, and cut great even at full speed on rough terrain. it seems to be pretty fast, felt maybe a little faster than my new lazer z. she hasnt given me a price but she paid 7700 i think so wants to get as close to that as she can if anyone is interested just let me know and please dont be stupid and say ill give you 3k for it, if that would buy the mower, i would buy it myself!:usflag:

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