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$1.00 less & I'd be a "Lowballer!!"

David C.

LawnSite Member
Its the last thing I want to be---a dad-gum lowballer!!!!

I'm out doing a bid on a lake house----NICE!!!

I do my addition and subtraction---my multipilication and division

Lot covered about 3/4 acre

My "rock bottom" price was $65.00-----I'm thinkin' to myself "Dear Lord! One dollar less and I'd be accused of being a lowballer and I'd read about myself on this site!!!!!

I get up with the owner---tell him my price---He "himm's and haw's" around a little bit and then says

"Ummmm! I'm gonna get another bid from another guy!!! If you don't hear from be in a day or so----you'll know I went with him!!!!"

Well---there are now cobwebs all over that conversation!!!

I'm thinking to myself-----how can any worthy grass mowin' soul go any lower than I did---ain't no way!!!! He can't make it on any less!!!!


LawnSite Member
Milwaukee, WI
Wow $65 for 3/4 acre were lucky if we can get 45-50 here for the same size lot.


LawnSite Bronze Member
One 3/4 acre lot can be so deferent than another...I always ask myself...How long will It take to do a Good job On this Nice Piece...then go from there.
To me trimming takes most of the time...If there's not too much trimming you may have bid that job too high Imo...have you got a picture???...when ever I price a job...I always take pictures.
$65 usd...mmmmm Is that around 75 Cd? 1 Man less than 1 Hr...If you are high ...your not by too much . But I don't think that your a low baller.
Daner:usflag: :canadaflag:


LawnSite Fanatic
Marysville, WA
Hmmm, I guess I'm in a little better market. I'm getting $40 for 3,000 Sq. foot postage stamps. 21" only, mow, trim, edge, and blow in 40 minutes.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Hmmm, I guess I'm in a little better market. I'm getting $40 for 3,000 Sq. foot postage stamps. 21" only, mow, trim, edge, and blow in 40 minutes.
40 minutes for that? Thats only $1 per minute. We would do that for $25 and take about 5 minutes to do with 2 guys. 34Z cutting and the other guy trimming, edging and blowing.

Anyway I wish we could get $65 for 3/4 of an acre. Some of our work is in the richest area of the entire country. Potomac MD where the average house costs 1 mill all the way to 10 mill and up. We charge about $40 for 3/4 acre lots. One of our customers with a 1 1/2 acre lot told us they were quoted $30 but they went with us at $55 because they have seen our work for years right up the street. :dizzy:


LawnSite Senior Member
That is a little on the high side however if you have a lot of detail work and tight areas to cut then the price is justifiable. If it is wide open and you can sut it with a 60 you would be done in no time. It all depends on detail work. I have large yards with little to no weedeating and detail work that I actually charge less than smaller yards.


LawnSite Member
West Tn
Yes but the magic word was Lake. There some here that are only 3/4 and they get $175 per cut. But then again some of you need goats to keep it clean.