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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Tntlawns, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Hi guys. Thanks for reading the post. My partner posted on here yesterday that we were robbed of alot of equipment as recently as this past Saturday. Some of the equipment includes: 1 Redmax 8050 bacpack blower, 2 Redmax 8500's that were only a week old, 3 echo string trimmers, 1 Resmax chainsaw, 1 echo chainsaw & 1 demo saw. We suspect that this individual may be involved in a string of similar burglaries in the South Jersey area.

    I am offering $1,000 cash for the return of our equipment and/or information that leads to the arrest of who ever is involved in this.

    Please let me know. This has been financially and more importantly mentally devastating.

    Thanks for the help.
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    im from central and the guy i work for had his whole trailer stolen and the cops say its a group out of camden area who is stealing them scratching vin numbers and selling out west they caught a few last year but they are still around

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    Any luck getting your stuff back??? I live in camden county and last week i got stopped for my trailer lights not working. I got a warning, but the officer said he had to stop my because the trailer was suspicious and that trailers are being ripped off around here easily...ughhhh why!

    Lock it up and never second guess your judgement:weightlifter:

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