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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fblandscape, May 15, 2003.

  1. fblandscape

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    I got a call yesterday from a good friend who needed my help cutting lawns today. We went to one house with a 72" Howard Price 360Z? and a 61" Great Dane Stander. My friend and her father had cut the back half of the lawn in 1 hr last night with both machines going full speed. Today we went back for the front half. No trimming at this house LUCKILY. I get on the Great Dane and get stuck making my first lap around one part of the lawn. I was able to manhandle it out on my own though. Then I go to another part of the front and get stuck with the machine BAD. Took my friend and I about 10 minutes of trying to push and pull it out, finally we just got the 360Z and pulled the GD out with a tow strap, leaving some DEEP ruts in the mud. My friend goes off with the 360Z to the very front of the property, 5 minutes later she is calling me because SHE got stuck. So I went up there and the two of us were able to walk the machine out of the mud. What a day.

    Anybody else getting stuck like this?
  2. Jimbo

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    If it was that muddy I would be waiting to mow or use a lighter mower (as a last resort). Customers dont like you tearing up there yards with heavy equipment.
  3. rodfather

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    I did today with one of our Toro Groundmasters. New account...they tell me last saturday everything is firm and dry. Yeah, right. Buried that puppy up the the axels in their faulty septic system (which they weren't aware of) in the back yard.

    That machine weighs in at almost 2k, so I had to use 2 10K straps and a 50' logging chain to pull it out. Very nice ruts I might add.:dizzy: I was p***ed off big friggin time:angry:
  4. longviewlawncare

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    i got our 4wheel drive JD 5220 tractor stuck the other day. Not to mention about 2 months ago we got a skid steer stuck removing storm debris. the skid steer was up to the axles in mud. tried using the tractor and that did not work. brought out my chevy 3500 dually and ended up getting it stuck. finally got the skid steer out with the tractor then i could easily get out in the truck. If i would have tried to get out before the skid steer was moved i would have slid right into it. good luck man
  5. wriken

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    yep twice so far w/72", just trying to get closer to wet spot, trying to take advantage of the extra trim. another week though I will be able to go right thru. Sure is nice having 2 ztr's they pull out pretty easy, I don't bury them, as soon as I know she's spinning down I stop, and go walking. I would'nt mind having them 2-way radio's
  6. We did that too! Stuck in a septic system that was saturated.
    My son opened the gate to the back lawn of a factory we mow and just drove right in without walking it first.
    If we can walk it we can mow it with one of the Groundsmasters.
    But he was running the 16' Toro Groundsmaster 580-D!
    He knew not to spin the tires, so we pulled it out with the 327-D 4WD.

    When we got it out, I said OK you made the ruts, now you mash them out with your feet!
    (He was already a mess up to his knees)
    He leveled them out as best as he could. When he got back to the truck he was complaining about the mud.
    I said "It's not mud it's a septic system!":rolleyes:

    He threw his shoes away! :D :D

    I laughed at him all day.

  7. fblandscape

    How do you like that Howard, my neighbor swears by them he has about 20 howard mowers. They lay some good strips and cut well too.
  8. fblandscape

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    Personally, I hated that machine... but then again it needed to have the carb adjusted BADLY. Each time you would go to make a turn the thing would want to stall. The only thing I liked about it was the fact that it had the 72" deck. It also cut pretty nicely. However I would have to have used it when the engine works PROPERLY.
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    Got stuck just once so far.. A very wet spot on a 1/2 acre lawn that I knew was wet but thought I could squeeze through carefully.. Got the STHM stuck on it, so the little SWZ pulled it out (yep pulled almost 200% of it's weight :D ). I've used the SWZ to pull the 1,000# garden tractor out of the mud before too, it was stuck to it's axles in mud in the garden. What I do is hook a 6' strap to the stuck machine then to the front anti scalp roller bracket on the w/b and push down on the handlebars and reverse.... Pulls them right out usually.

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