1/2 acre lot, what to charge

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dlandscaping, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. dlandscaping

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    The yard is divided into 2 parts, one is 1/3 total size, back is 2/3 of the 1/2 acre. The perimeter of the back all needs to be weedwhacked, and 30 ft edged with the weedwhacker. It is basically a square. There is an above ground pool in one corner. There is a gate and a 52" can easily fit. The front is a rectangle, around 200*40 and 300' needs to be edged and the rest just weedwhacked. There is a 25*15' bed in the midde that needs to be edged. Then everything needs to be blown off including around 300' of sidewalk. The lawn is fertilized by lawn Doctor, and she wants it done every week. It is an 5 min drive from existing clients and I do not see any other upsells, unless aeration?? What would be a good price to charge, the houses in this neighborhood are in the low 300k range.
  2. Trevors Lawn Care

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    You have been posting for 3 years and your asking what to charge? Have you sharpened your blades lately? Need step-by-step instructions on that also?

  3. EZTarget

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    scrub..... :eek: did i say that!?
  4. EZTarget

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    i am KIDDING! it has just been so long since i have read that term i had to get it out there.
  5. The mayor

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    I don't understand what the price of the house has to do with anything.
  6. dlandscaping

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    Because it is not in a neighborhood that I know any of the pricing, and the houses around here which I normally do are 1/4 acre lots and the ones I have that are closer to 1/2 acre, only 2 are not this detail involved. I am not sure how to price into this neighborhood because I dont want to lowball all of the other lcos. In other words, I do not want to be a SCRUB.

    SCAG POWER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Round numbers $50.00 and then it goes up from there any thing extra is billed at a higher rate.:gunsfirin
  8. jsaunders

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    1st thought would be $50 -without seeing it. I do alot of work in Concord Mass. Most of my lawns I make(charge) $2 per min. PM me on other spec. Joel
  9. Randy Scott

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    I hate to rip on you, but do you honestly think that anyone here could even come close to a better quote than you, the person that actually saw and measured the property. Some of you guys just can't figure this stuff out.
  10. Richard Martin

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    1 dollar for every 100 feet you have to walk to do the trimming, edging etc. Start measuring as soon as you leave your truck. 1/2 approx. acre lawns are $2.50 per thousand square feet.

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