1/2 ton v6..enough guts?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by augs dad, Feb 10, 2002.

  1. augs dad

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    Well after hearing your points of view I am leaning towards a 1/2 ton...most likley an f150. Since this is my second career after 20 years in another business, I dont plan to grow beyond a one man show...nor do I want the employee and insurance hassles. That said, I'll only be hauling a 48 or52 rider on a 12ft trailer. Was out kicking tires on new f150's this morning....can buy a new one with 0% financing for 20kcouple$. Some of you have told me the a 2wd v6 will do just fine given my usage. I'd love a 250 or 350 but the initial cost and the fuel cost is a factor I need to consider. Is the v6 2wd a mistake? Thanks again...Gary
  2. Andy Miller

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    I have a Chevy V-6 in a full size 1/2 ton. Lots of truck to pull with V-6. Add a trailer and now you have a serious lack of power. It will do it but you will suffer worst fuel economy than the guy with the V-8. Add other things like the V-8 has heavier duty cooling, transmission, and rear end. I have owned this truck for 5 years. There is never a day that I was not sorry that I had not listened to my friends. I do not know why they put a small motor in a full sized truck. BTW, the resale value is next to nothing. No power and bad gas mileage.
  3. John DiMartino

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    The F150 should work well,why not spend the 800 or whatever dollars it costs for the 4.6V8,it is much torquier,and smoother than the 4.2v6,The V8 should pull better,with less strain,and better fuel econmy towing.In addition,when you decide to sell it,the V6 has no reasale,the V8 is easily worth the full price it cost new at resale time,dont believe the books when they tell you to deduct like 300 for a V6,when I used to work at the chryselr dealer,they used to deduct 1000 if the full size truck had a 6 cyl.,no one wated them used,they were very hard to sell.
  4. CT18fireman

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    With your location I would suggest the extra money for 4wd. Even if you are not plowing getting around in the winter in PA will be a lot easier with a 4wd. I think in the long run the investment will be worth it. If you are going to be the only driver/worker then the truck should last a good amount of time. Good Luck
  5. kerrigan

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    I have a 97 4x4 f-150 with a six cylinder with 240,000 miles on it she's been a worker her whole life. I pull a 16 foot lowboy 4 52 inch walk behind and all other needed equipment. She labors a bit fully loaded with clippings, but it is a good truck. I also plow with it i work it hard and it keeps asking for more. I am real happy with it but I think I am going to get a 3/4 or 1 ton with a dump insert this year.

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