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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by sildoc, Oct 2, 2007.

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    So go to do a bid for my sons teacher as the guy they initially had has not showed up for 3 months. I get there and they are showing me their system run off a garden hose attached to the main line, temporary fix whilst they get it plumbed in after some hardscaping. Any ways they show me every thing and that the plumber made it so that I can drill a 3/4' hole in the siding and attach right into the house plumbing. this is great no pull at all. any ways get under there and it is all 1/2" and they wanted 1". Hmm.
    The skinny. turf area 1200 sq ft hunter pgp 6 of them. drip roughly 400 plants. future plans of 5000 sqft of turf.
    I can pull a 3500 ft of 1" from the main water line or I can do 5' from the 1/2" from the house.
    More info. there will be a new subdivision in the next 2 years where they will relocate the water meter to within 100 feet of the house. (now 3500ft).
    My ideas where the system is already working off of the garden hose technique pretty well I figure I will go off of the 1/2" now and when the meter is relocated rerun a 1" line from there?
    Looking for input as all my experience is from just after the meter and not from 1/2" plumbing. pros and cons.
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    With the 1/2" you run the risk of running out of water/pressure on larger zones as the landscape is enlarged. However, if everything is working now for the minimal irrigation they have then go with it and make sure the customer knows this is a temporary fix at best. Once you have a POC closer to the property then you can run a new main line and reconnect it to the system. This will keep the system up and running as new houses are built and start drawing on the same water source. I'd also coordinate with the owner to have sleeves put in under necessary hardscaped areas which will make things easier and less costly in the future.

    I'd also design future irrigation zones so they don't draw 100% of what is anticipated in GPM/PSI. Leave a 10%-15% buffer zone because things will change and you'll be able to better accomodate the customer. Depending on how things work out it might entail adding an extra zone to space things out but it will be well worth the cost to have that future leeway.
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    This should be an irrigation design law. :)
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    What size line is feeding the house from the meter? Could there be a larger line running to the house with the 1/2" line in the house?

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