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1.25 Acre Lot - Residential - Northern Kentucky

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by bmc123, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. bmc123

    bmc123 LawnSite Member
    from USA
    Messages: 2

    We have a customer in Northern Kentucky needing mowing service for 10 services for a 1.25 acre lot for upcoming summer. View aerial image with measurements.

    800-219-1449 (ext.400)
  2. lawnwizards

    lawnwizards LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,434

  3. SangerLawn

    SangerLawn LawnSite Senior Member
    from indiana
    Messages: 736

    Ok….what is the question??? Are you wanting to know what to bid it or are you looking for someone to cut it?? If you are looking for someone to cut it you may want to consider posting where it is….ill gladly cut it for you but the charge for drive time could kill you depending where it is…
  4. Danscapes

    Danscapes LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 331

    Only wanting 10 mowings? I usually get at least 25-28 depending on weather. I would walk away from that deal.
  5. bmc123

    bmc123 LawnSite Member
    from USA
    Messages: 2

    Crescent Springs, Kentucky.

    We need a service provider to take on the job and provide a quote. You can reply with information on lawnsite.com, or call us at 800-219-1449 (ext. 400) for more details. Be sure to click on the link because there's a dig pic of the property w/ measurements.

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