1/3 of the season over already

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1MajorTom, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. 1MajorTom

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    Well for us it is. That's if you are talking in terms of cuts.
    We already have 10 cuts in on almost every customer, except for a few 10 dayers that we have.
    We never go past 30 cuts a season because we always have to skip a few weeks in July and August.
    It seems like these 10 weeks have flown by. We've been really fortunate to be able to stay on schedule pretty much. Customers surprisingly haven't complained if they got their cut in 8 days, then the next week in 6 days to get them back on track.
    Now I'm hoping we can pick up some large hedge maintenance jobs from one time customers to help carry us through July and August if it get dry. I think we're going to advertise in a coupon book that's coming out in our local newspaper for hedge maintenance and maybe for some mulching for anyone that didn't get it put down in the spring.
    How's everyone's season going? Anyone else 1/3 done with their season? ;)
  2. pottstim

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    Here in East Tenn, the mowing season usually starts around Mid March or so. It's not uncommon to be mowing into late October and early November. So, I probably have a good 4 1/2 months of mowing left this season. I've lived here for a little over 16 years now, and it's quite a contrast from here to upstate NY where i'm originally from. NY usually is about 3-4 weeks behind us here in Tenn as far as growing season goes. We've also had a lot of rain here so far this season, just like you've had up in the NE. I think we had over 8" of rain here for the month of may. Last June - September was terrible for us as far as rain goes. The yards would go 3 weeks or so before I could cut them, and that was mainly just to mow down the weeds, which were the only things that were growing. Pretty hard to make any money when things are going like that. Mother nature sure can throw us some curves


  3. grshppr

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    This spring has really flown by. We've done 9-10 cuts already. The temp is starting to get to us. 100 degrees today. Its normal for us this time of year as we live in a semi arid part of BC. We've had a perfect combo of just enough rain nice cool temperatures so far, so its hard to get used to the temps we are supposed to have.:(
  4. Turfdude

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    Geez - I can't believe it myself. We work all but about 6 weeks a year on average. I usually keep myself and foreman busy year round. Yes - we're close to the 1/3 through cuts, but look at it this way.
    1. We still aren't done mulching (at least 20 left to do)
    2. We have only pruned 1 place of about 150 (some get don 2X's)
    3. This fall we'll be busy for sure w/ aerations and renovations
    4. Leaf season in fall keeps us busy thru mid January

    So depending how you look at it - its' far from over!
  5. 1MajorTom

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    Yeah, I know. I just was talking cuts wise.
    We don't work as long though as you do. We finish up sometime in November.
  6. John Gamba

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    Yes And we Haven't even Seen the sun Yet :cry:
  7. I've just finished my 14th cut on one customer.
    But they're OK with that. They want it nice.

    I offered one customer a price for the whole year.
    It was the price per mowing x 28.
    I'll bet they will wish they took the offer.
    This year could go to as many as 30 to 32 cuts.
    Maybe even more.

    The weather is so volatile here. I just go with the flow and mow it as it grows.
    I'm lucky my son's helping this year. We've stayed current with mowing but like turfdude we're behind on mulching, pruning etc.

    Since April 1st I've had off Plam Sunday, Easter, Mother's Day and last Sunday. Plus I'm off tomorrow! :D

  8. Mowingman

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    I am on my 13th cut at most places. We usually get 38 cuts and then have several visits after that for leaf mulching. We still have a long, hot road ahead of us with summer coming on.:(
  9. Gene $immons

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    Most of our lawns have been cut 10 times already. We will have full mowing schedules for most lawns trhough mid- October. I try to time rain and fertilizer applications to extend the cutting season as long as possible! Most lawns will get two or three cuts in October, but will be at a higher rate for leaf clean-up. Major leaf removals will keep us bust through Feb. By March, Its scalping the warm season lawns here, spraying, and other landscape projects.

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