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  1. kandklandscape

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    Anyone here have the number threw synergetic? We are thinking of doing this into a franchise this year. Anyone else do this at all?
  2. gqnine44

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    If you dont mind me asking - What do they charge? They wouldnt just quote me the price without some big presentation.
  3. kandklandscape

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    I went to one of there seminars last week. It was very nice, and the sister company synergetic and realgreen systems were there.

    Charge was $296 per month, set up fee of $565 I believe. Sounds like a good oppt. Want to hear it from others though that are in rural areas like myself.
  4. Runner

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    Some operations around here thought it was a great idea, too. Until you find out the guy 3 blocks down from you has the same number. One of the guys I know spent a whole bunch on wicket signs and had the posted all over town. Guess what....? you call his number, and you would get the location of another company.
  5. Team-Green L&L

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    Can't build a franchise that is dependent on another company. People who invest in franchises are looking for the benefits that come along with the price. The first and most important benefit is self-sufficiency. McDonald's does not use "a distributor" they have ongoing bidding wars.
  6. kandklandscape

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    from PA
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    Actually I am a subway franchisee, although food vs lawn care is completly different, I can do exactly what Fred Deluca has done with subway, as I could with lawn care.

    You are right about the depentcy of the synergetic, but they are quite a big company, and of course if something would happen legally, you can always sue the hell outta of em. They seem like very nice people though.

    I belive 1 800 lawncare can help out big time. As far as the post about the guy 3 blocks down the street, well then he should have bought that area then he woulda been covered.
  7. J Hisch

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    We are a 1-800-lawncare business. The value is endless.. The nuts and bolts of the program are as follows, you can buy as much territory as you wish, however in highly populated area yes someone could buy in the next zip code that may be close to you, however when a customer calls they are promted to enter their zip code which needs to be serviced. The low cost marketing material is very benefical, plus I have gotten a great mentor who has been invaluable to me. 29 Plus years in the business with 20 trucks on the road. He has shared with me the in and outs of this business and has helped set me up for success. I thought about it for 6 months before I signed. I wished I wouldnt have waited that long. Now there are some who may feel differently, but if you are serious about marketing your company then this by far is cheaper than any franchise, or having stuff printed up by a printer. There is online training and you can also arrange for phone training for your employee's. which is free........ Most of the Operators I found that have been up happy havent worked to build their business. Here are just a couple of operator who's pages you can take a peak at. www.atwoodlawncare.com or just type in a www.1800-lawncare.com with zip codes in major cities and see who you find. also Pm Muller landscapes
  8. jbailey52

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    Im confused what this company does.. and why you pay them anything... can someone tell me where to look at some info?

    Or are you just paying them to tell people your number when they call them? So your basically paying a very expensive phone book company?
  9. Tim Wright

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  10. CNYScapes

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    So what does it cost for the 800 number?

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